Achievement 4 || By @aniksikder, 3rd May'2021 : Applying Markdowns

"Assalamu Alaikum"
My dear Steamian. I hope you are all well, I am well too. I am @aniksikder from Bangladesh. I want to give a brief description on markdown markup language.
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I was asked to do Achievement 4 after finishing my Achievement 3. I am privilege and honoured to be given this opportunity to write my work on achievement 4, I am so grateful to be part of the steemit community.

What is Markdown?

What I mean by mark down is the codes we use to organize posts nicely. Stemate supports Mark Down. Mark downs are usually used to write nicely arranged posts.

Markdown Markup Language.

Markdown Plain Markup Language. It is commonly used in text formatting. It's a lot like HTML, but a lot simpler and just a few syntax. You will find this markup language in most rich text editors. Moreover, especially in the files of GitHub. GitHub has its own flavored markdown syntax, which I discussed in detail below.
Markdown specifically supports .md, .markdown file extensions. But it also supports some more types. But these are commonly used.
I first discussed the basic syntax of markdown below. And later I wrote about GitHub's flavored markdown. GitHub will support all of Flavored, including Markdown's main syntax.


In markdown we can write 7 level heading text just like HTML. Just give # before the text. A # means heading 1 level heading, the largest. Supports ## (two), ### (three) to ###### (six) starting from one #.

Heading one

Heading two

Heading three

Heading four

Heading five
Heading six

Important Text: We write in a variety of italics or bold letters to convey the importance of writing. Markdown can be written in italics or bold in two ways:

  • Italic text *
    This is how italic text can be written.
    Thick text This is how to write thick text
  • Italic and thick two together *
    If you want to fight

Do one at the beginning and end of the underscore in italic text. Two underscores before writing thick text and two at the end.

Straight line:

If we want a straight (horizontal) line then we can take the line using just three --- or ___.


We usually use blockchain to quote from another source or quote someone. Quotes can also be easily written in Markdown
Someone said:

Learn to understand the value of time if you have time, otherwise you will regret it later


We can also write the code in the markdown in a special way inside the box. However, it can be written in two ways. One is using 8 inside the same line. And many lines use .It's called Bactic, just above the tab key on your keyboard.
To write the code specially on the same line:
HTML paragraphs tags start with <p> and ends with `

If you want to write a few lines of code:

This is an HTML paragraph


List: Even if you want to write something in the form of list, it supports markdown. Order, un-order supports both ways


  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item one of the items
  • Item two in item


  1. Item one
  2. Item two
    • Item one of the items
    • Item two in item


If you want to insert an image, it can be done.
! [Markdown withing a minute] (


If you want to capture a link in a text, you can write normally in this way (first example). Again, if you want to hold the mouse over the link to see some information about the link, then it can be written that way.


Many times we may have to write special syntax of markdown in our writing. For example, if we want to write , it will become italic text. But if we really want to use in writing, then we can take the help of escape (\) characters. With the help of escape characters, the original characters can be printed by escaping the special syntax like , *, # or more.

For headers

  • For italic text \ *
  • For strong text

Markdown's escape characters can be used for the following characters:


GitHub Flavored Markdown:

We usually have to do more markdown in GitHub. In all GitHub projects you will find a file named which is basically a markdown file. Since this markup language is used randomly in GitHub, GitHub itself has created a flavored version with some extra features. As an extra feature, I will discuss more here with the markdown on GitHub.
Mentioning someone: In GitHub you can usually mention another developer or user like social media. It can be very normal. Gift Hub username must be used.
Contributed by: zonayedpca
Mention: You can use it only in or in project issues, comments. No other place such gist can be used. The purpose of this is that the person you mention will receive a notification to view your comment, problem or project.
Special References: GitHub already has some special text that GitHub automatically converts when typed. When you write a link, it becomes automatically clickable.


Just type the current issue number of the current project by typing GH and the link of that issue is automatically added:
The reference link to issue number 26 of the project you will use will come:
To get the link to the issue of any project, you can get the reference link of the issue with the link of the project (Just username and unique name of the project) which GitHub automatically renders.
jlord / sheetsee.js # 26
That will be rendered
jlord / sheetsee.js # 26
If you give a link to a commit, it will be short. Just show the first few letters of the committee's unique ID.

Will render:

Also the SHA hash will be shortened. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. That's why GitHub automatically shortens them.
These special references will not work everywhere. Will work where needed.
Emoji: Yes you can use emojis on GitHub.
+1:: sparkles:: camel:: tada:: rocket:: metal:: octocat:

If you want to get the full list of emojis you can see here.
Fancy Code Block: Usually supports code block in markdown. But GitHub has developed it a little more and added colorful code blocks.
` javascript function sum (a, b) return a + b; }
Here I use javascript but you can use any known programming language like python, java etc etc.
Task List: You can create more developed lists on GitHub with markdown. You can create a select box, you can use selected or unselected options.

  • [] Item 1
  • [x] Item 2
  • [x] Item 3
  • [] Item 4

This select box is not visually interactive, meaning you cannot click to select a box if you want to select it. You need to modify the code and select unselect.
Table: If you want, you can also make a table with rows and columns as you wish.
First Column
Second Column Third Column Fourth Column
Content One Content Two Content Three Content Four
Content Five Content Six Content Seven Content Eight

You will also find some converters online called Markdown to HTML. If you want, you can convert these markdowns to HTML with those tools.
Note: Where markdown is supported, markdown code is usually written. However, if you have to save as a file somewhere, then it is better to use the file extension of Markdown. If you don't use it a lot, it may not work. Extensions in the following files are usually used for markdown:
And if GitHub saves the file with any of these markdown, mdown, mkdn, mkd, md extensions, GitHub will be able to capture the syntax of the markdown from the contents inside it. Moreover, by default, the Readme that appears on the project's homepage is automatically retrieved from a file called GitHub if this file is found in the desired directory of your project.


I am a steemian, I am honored to be among the steemit family. I love steemit, may allah bless the steemit family

Thanks so much everyone for reading my post.


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