My Actifit Report Card: April 13 2021

Mehn.... I'm glad to share my day activities with you. I want to believe you all had a successful day. My day was full of computer networking.

First of all, I went out for morning exercise and cycling was the nature of exercise I did. I happy I was able to exercise so I can be fit for other activities. After work, I had to make breakfast then go for work.

At work, a client came complaining that he paid for networking but the company that did the job didn't make it workout the way he needed, so someone linked our company with he and we had to move to the site to troubleshoot the network.

Well, it wasn't an easy task to troubleshoot another man's job, but goodoes to our team which I want the leader, we were able to get it to it solution state and everything on the computer networking went well and the job was successful.

After the long stress of networking, I had to ride home which forms part of my actifit count. It's a rainy day over here so my community is not that comfortable for cycling anymore.

Thanks for always reading my post, I love you all.

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