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Sour Spices: Averrhoa Blimbi


If you are curious about the spices in Indonesia that taste sour, then the answer is Averrhoa Blimbi.


This fruit has a texture like star fruit but is small and tastes very acidic.

I once made a challenge to eat Blimbi without expression. You can watch it by clicking the thumbnail below:

Blimbi is used as a kitchen spice to give a fresh taste as well as the use of lemons. We usually use Blimbi on traditional Indonesian spicy sambal (chili sauce) .


Blimbi flower is fragrant and can be used as a drink for thrush medicine.

Blimbi flower shape is quite beautiful. Bright red and blushing.


We can dry the blimbi with salt until the shape shrinks and turns black for a longer storage process and is used as a source of seasoning that has a sour and fresh taste, but in a dry form.

In terms of beauty, I usually use Blimbi to clean my nails and make it shiny.

Do you know about Blimbi? Maybe with a different name in your area?


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