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Finding Baby White Turmeric Plant


This is my first time seeing a white turmeric plant. Usually, I only see and consume yellow turmeric.


I found this plant in my neighbor's field. Then he told me this is a white turmeric plant.


We can see the tuber is still very small so it doesn't look like turmeric in general.


In some references that I read, white turmeric has special health benefits such as anti-poison, antibacterial, anti-pain for pain relief for example in women who experience menstrual cramps.


I planted this plant in my garden so that in the future I would see how white turmeric really is.

Apart from being herbs, white turmeric can be used as an ornamental plant. The texture and color of the leaves have a beautiful complexion.


The leaves have a jagged texture with a slightly purple color.


While in turmeric in general the leaves are smaller, thinner, and smoother without texture.

Maybe it will be as fresh taste like ginger and will be suitable as a complement to stir-fried vegetables or salad.

Because around here white turmeric is not yet popular, I still need a lot of information about the use of white turmeric.

For those of you who have already consumed white turmeric directly, you can tell me in the comments section. I will really appreciate then.


Stay Healthy

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