Dragon Fruit Ice Cream: Makes You Happier and Healthier [FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY]

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Ice cream is so famous for its philosophy that it can make everyone happy. Bad days filled with bad mood can be better by enjoying ice cream.

Ice cream is a reward that many people like to give sweet treatment to themselves and others.


Then, how can ice cream make you happy?

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Eating ice cream really does make you happy. Scientists have found that a spoonful of the cold stuff lights up the same pleasure center in the brain as winning money or listening to your favorite music. - Neuroscientists at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. Via The Guardian.


In addition to making happy, in other studies, eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smart. Ice cream is a treat that triggers positive emotions and additional energy. Ice cream is claimed to be able to make information processing capabilities better and increase alertness.

The research was carried out by a Japanese scientist, Yoshihiko Koga, who is a professor at Tokyo Kyorin University. Via The Telegraph.

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In other studies mentioned that ice cream can be combined with acts of kindness to increase happiness. Acts of kindness. London-based chartered Psychologist Dr. George Fieldman and his studies have found that random acts of kindness.

If you eat a bowl of ice cream, you get a good feeling, but an act of kindness endures better. So, in other words, doing acts of kindness makes us feel happy, longer. Via eCreamery.

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Dragon Fruit Ice Cream is Healthier and a Vegan Choice

The fruit is certainly a good choice for the body. So making ice cream with fruit will have many benefits especially for vegan reasons and making yourself in your kitchen better for saving money. In addition to making happiness as scientific reasons have been mentioned in the research, ice cream from fruit will help utilize the stock of fruit in supplies that often rot quickly.

Dragon fruit is one of the right choices to make ice cream and of course sugar-free! The sweet content of dragon fruit is a natural sweetener in your ice cream.

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The antioxidant-rich content of dragon fruit can help prevent inflammatory conditions in the body. This is according to a paper in the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Via Medical News Today

The ice cream that I will share the recipe for you with is sorbet ice cream for reasons of being the simplest and easiest choice made with only 3 ingredients.

It feels like Summer every day. :)

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Preparations for Making Dragon Fruit Ice Cream

Dragon Fruit.jpg

Prepare fresh dragon fruit. The reason I use red dragon fruit is that its bright color is more appetizing than white dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit2.jpg

Cut the dragon fruit into pieces, then freeze for the night.


After frozen overnight, puree frozen pieces of dragon fruit with 1 cup of the milk mixture. I use almond milk. You can replace the milk according to your taste. You can also add strawberry syrup or coconut sugar. That is up to you. But here I use strawberry syrup.

Dragon Ice Cream8.jpg

Look at this beautiful texture.


After mashed, then freeze again for at least 4 hours. After being frozen for 4 hours, the texture will be like the image below.

Dragon Ice Cream9.jpg

For the record, the more dragon fruit you use, the texture will be more creamy. Here you can see that my dough has a rough texture because it uses a small dragon fruit. You can use up to two dragon fruits.

Dragon Ice Cream10.JPG
Dragon Ice Cream7.jpg

Ice cream is ready to be enjoyed after being frozen for 4 hours. The photo that I took for Dragon Fruit Ice Cream is not good because I don't use an ice cream spoon to do the serving on the glass. I only form ice cream balls with regular tablespoons.

Enjoy your day! Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to follow my blog for other interesting info.


Thank you to creator @vegansofsteemit @lenasveganliving and host fruits and veggies Monday @plantstoplanks It's great that there is a vegan ecosystem in Steemit to further spread awareness of consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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All Images Are My Own Properties. Taken With Oppo Camera F1.


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incredible color! looks yummy :)

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We're SWIMMING in red dragonfruits locally too... they are everywhere!! And stupidly cheap. Ok. Dragin fruit & coconut ice cream is ON MY RADAR.

Loved the research touches!!

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I love coconut ice cream too.

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Wow, i can feel the summer:) Amazing presentation, i promise that for once in my life i will try to find and taste this dragon fruit that i keep on seeing everywhere at steemit,lol.

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Not bad to try fruit ice cream.

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13.08.2019 09:46

Between @gingbabida's smoothie and your ice cream, I'm really craving dragon fruit now! I didn't realize until I looked closer you served it in the skin of the fruit, too. So fun! Love all the tips and knowledge spread throughout, and of course it sounds delicious to boot! Gotta love healing foods that also taste so good. I don't have any dragon fruit, but I might just need to make some banana nice cream later on today...

13.08.2019 12:37

I have tasted a dragonfruit ice cream, but not the vegan one, and it's yummy. I'm so glad that I can make a vegan dragon fruit ice cream. I have never thought of that. Hahaha! 😊 Thanks for the awesome idea. I'd gonna try this for sure! 😍🍨

13.08.2019 14:22

I do love homemade ice cream, cherry is my favourite, I have never tried Dragon Fruit but it looks great xx

13.08.2019 16:28

Oh, yes. Yummie and all those health benefits. Looks more like a sorbet. I guess sitting down to a huge bowl of cookie dough ice cream might not be so good though ... :-) Oh, but your post definitely gives everyone a superb option.

13.08.2019 17:03

I had dragon fruit once (it's almost impossible to come by here in Belgium), but I loved it. I can imagine it is great to make ice cream with. If I run into it again, I'll keep this in mind. thanks for the tip

13.08.2019 19:18

Looks so refreshing and colorful yumyumyum

14.08.2019 01:30

Looks beautiful, delicious and it's very healthy for sure! I wish I could make it, but we don't have this beautiful dragon fruit in our supermarkets. Only the white one.
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