Wealth is Gold

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Accordingly, these other companies are said to be in an advanced stage exploration that could possibly focused on developing a district-scale gold project in one of the world’s premier mining jurisdictions.

However, when you take all of these potentially positive catalysts for gold into consideration, it could possibly come as a total surprise that firms such as Citi appear to have a approx. $2,500 on the precious metal. Check disclaimer on profile and landing page.

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In fact, these other companies showcase Kena Daylight Gold, Silver and Copper Project seems to be located about 10 km south of Nelson, British Columbia, and claims to be the 2nd largest gold district in British Columbia “The Golden Arc.”

15.03.2021 15:39

According to research gold is also present in chlorite and hematite-altered andesite volcanic rocks as well.

15.03.2021 15:41

You might get into conclusion that when trying something new, always have the mindset of doing the best out of it.

15.03.2021 15:45

Accordingly, the “Golden Arc,” is said to have multiple historic gold-producing mines and known gold & copper-gold zones that could possibly provide the potential for additional discoveries and expansion.

15.03.2021 15:53