Doodletrends Drawing Contest: Miner Ant Character

miner ant.jpg
Hello Steemians and Doodletrendistas, this is a doodle of an ant character that I made as my entry to the Doodletredns Drawing Contest. The theme for this round is about Miner Ant Character To those who do not know yet, this contest is about creating a quick doodle using any material of your choice to depict the given theme.

The time I set myself to beat this time is 5 minutes. It was easy to beat that time because my drawing is mainly line drawing with no shading and extra background details. Let me tell you more about the drawing, A miner ant riding on a cart on tracks. He is carrying with him some raw gems or crystals that he was able to dig in the mining pit. The day is over and he is happy to leave and go home with what he had dug.

Hope you guys like my entry to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest of @steempampanga. If you are into creating doodles in a quick manner, I encourage you to join and have fun in this contest. See you then.

Have a nice day

Here is the link to the contest if you want to support by participating in this contest:

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The ant seems to be enjoying the ride

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23.07.2019 19:43

This is how your attitude should be when life feels difficult, chill enjoy and let things be

23.07.2019 20:18