Trumpeter E-75 1/35 Build update 002

And here is part two! 😀
I mostly followed the build instructions with one or two little exceptions.

  1. I completed all the parts from sprue A, instead of following the build sequence, as it kept swapping between sprue A & B. This was getting annoying lol.
  2. The next part was replacing the clips on the tools with photoetch from the kit. This was a minor nightmare and proved to be more trouble than it was worth. The part being replaced is so small that the effort to get it glued in position was no worth the payoff. Anyway I did a few then decided to give it a miss.


The above photo is an example of the parts before bending and after. Very tiny!

The rest of the build went very well with all the parts going together easily. The tow cables are cut to the size requested in the instructions however they are a little too long. I will wait for the glue to dry on the other parts overnight then I may shorten them, still haven't decided.




Another part of the kit that was great to see was the cable for the Bosch headlamp on the front. Normally this is a part you have to scratch build.


And with that I am calling the hull complete 👍 Tomorrow I plan to start the turret.

Thank you for looking. And a massive thank you to people and groups who have been resteeming my posts. It is greatly appreciated!👍

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Oh some parts are looking really tiny. Looking forward to see the rest of the project:)

15.12.2019 17:25

@georgeboya Thanks mate, coming along slowly 👍

16.12.2019 12:21


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15.12.2019 20:01

How tiny are those bits on the ruler :O

Build is looking good :)

16.12.2019 11:59

@ryivhnn Thanks mate. Almost done.

16.12.2019 12:22

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18.12.2019 19:08