Diorama Build Update. 004 Finished Product!

last.jpgHellos Steemians! As those of you who are following my page would already know I have been building a simple display base for my models. Specifically my E-series German Tanks aka "Paper Panzers", as they mostly never existed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a few new products.

Here is the final product :-) Sneak Peak hehe. As normal I will have progress shots and instructions of each step. I just love how this looks. Very simple to do, but it just makes the model stand out. Love it.


Starting off where we finished last time, the Vallejo Still Water has been left to sit overnight and has worked perfectly. Very pleased with the results. You can see in the image a little leaf that I placed in the Still Water. Why? Just because! LOL I wanted to see how paper products would react to the Still Water. Worked perfectly.


Now I wanted to try to add another layer to make the pond a little deeper. However I wanted to try and tint this layer slightly to make the water look a little more muddy and not quite so transparent. Hard to tell in the photo but really stands out in person.


Compare with the other photo and you can see the slight tonal difference.


I add some more small bushes like I did on the tank. Just to try and tie it in with the base a little more. It helps in dioramas to add vertical elements to give the diorama more dimension. However as this is just a simple display base that is as far as I went. A fence or a tree would look great in the background. I paint the photo etch brown then green, cut out all the little pieces and join them. Once complete I drill some small holes in the base to mount the bush.

Here are a few shots of the scenery competed.

All the products worked exactly as I had hoped and I am very pleased with the overall result.


You can see the light catching the graphite I placed on the tracks in the previous tutorial. I love little details.





Massive thank you to everyone for all the comments, votes, resteems and just being there in general. I really appreciate the support.

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It's the little details that really make things. Displaying it on even such a simple diorama as this has really made the model shine :)

10.01.2020 01:42

@ryivhnn Thanks mate 👍

10.01.2020 03:00

the diorama turned out great, I love the little plants. This has been a cool build to watch, thanks for sharing!

10.01.2020 06:59

@carlgnash Thank you mate! I am glad you like it :-) More coming very soon!

10.01.2020 10:18

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10.01.2020 06:59

@c-squared Thank you for the support

10.01.2020 10:18

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10.01.2020 16:56

sick detail. How do you present/arrange you models just random or is there a bigger picture?

11.01.2020 15:31

@lauch3d Thank you. Some if them are sorted into type or era etc. But a lot are just randomly displayed.

11.01.2020 23:43

you need glass around it for protection :D
my cat would be waaay to curious..^^

11.01.2020 22:36

@luegenbaron Haha. I have a nice display case to keep them safe 👍

11.01.2020 23:44