Diorama Build Update. 003 Great Fun!

Hello Steemians! Hope everyone is well and enjoying January so far :-) Next step in this little project will be to add some life to the base, well sort of. Lets call it a life like substance lol, in the form of "grass tufts" from Joe fix. These come in a large assortment of shapes and sizes. I thought I would give this mix pack a try first.


These are very easy to use. Simply remove the little clump of grass from the pile, apply a little PVA glue to the base and then place it on the diorama. What could be easier?


The hope is that this will add a little interest to an otherwise fairly flat base. I may look to try my hand at making a tree or fence. Not sure. But the more vertical elements you can add that are realistic the better the diorama will look, just adds a nice perception of depth.


That tiny little spot on my finger is a little leaf lol. These come in small packets and are made from paper. I will add a few types around for something different.

Here are a few more different tufts that I will add. :-) Slightly addicted



Now for the part I have really been waiting for. I have never used this product before and I am really excited to see how it goes. Vallejo still water.


The idea is simple enough. Just pour a little onto an area such as a depression in the terrain. The product will set clear and should level it self out naturally. Thus you will have a little water effect to interest the viewers. I have even built up a few layers and submerged a leaf in the puddle to see how that goes.



I spread it a little with a tooth pick. This may be a mistake, I guess we will find out :-) I decide to add a few smaller puddles.


And with that I will need to let it dry over night! :-( Really can't wait to see how it goes.

Massive thank you to everyone for all the comments, votes, resteems and just being there in general. I really appreciate the support.

Until Tomorrow!!!

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