Diorama Build Update. 001 Let the fun begin!

Hello Steemians! Happy New year to you all. Lets get the year started with a Diorama build for my E-75. This will be very loosely based on the "garage", from the online game World Of Tanks. I don't want to make an exact replica of this, but I will use various ideas from the image to assist me. Below you can see the image of the Diorama and the same tank from the game.


First I start of with a nice frame, in this case a picture frame that has been repurposed. I start by removing the glass from the frame. I then put masking tape over the front to protect the wood, as well as tape up the reverse side to stop any plaster leaks.


I mix the plaster by eye, approximately 30% water to 70% plaster then I add a small amount of PVA glue to the mix. This will help prevent the plaster from cracking as it is a little thin. Once dry I remove the tape and clean up the edges before reapplying it to once again protect the frame from stages to come. It is important to do this now as if you continue and finish the base without doing this, you will end up with a white line around your finished product. Very Annoying.


Next I start to remove plaster from one side with a exacto knife to make the terrain a little uneven. You can also do this when you pour the plaster if you wish but I had other ideas for the plaster I was removing.


Here I glue some of the removed plaster back on with some PVA just to rough up the surface a little.


Now to add a few rocks like you see in our reference image. I am basically copying the image but upside down at the moment lol. These little rocks are from my garden.


I now coat the whole surface with a 50/50 mix of PVA and water. I do this one small area at a time and add some dirt (from my garden again), to add a surface texture.


I apply this with a large brush as the mix is very thin. Then sprinkle the dirt over.



Once dry I take the piece outside and give it a good shake to remove any lose dirt that hasn't stuck down. I also wipe away some of the larger pieces of dirt as these can look a little too big for scale sometimes.

I like to let this sit for a while and set, as such that is all for today :-) Next I will start painting the surface.

Thanks for looking. As always a massive thank you to all the people that take the time to vote, comment and resteem. The help is greatly appreciated! Until tomorrow! :-)

For anyone who maybe interested I am starting a record to see how much steem I can collect throughout 2020. I will be adding all my steem to power up and I will not be using any voting bots, nor will I withdraw any over the year. As of today my total Steem is at 339.730. I think this may be an interesting little experiment. Let me know your thoughts :-)

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01.01.2020 22:39

Today it looks like some random dirt in a frame, tomorrow it will look glorious! Or be more on the way to looking glorious XD

02.01.2020 11:17

@ryivhnn Haha I hope so.👍

02.01.2020 13:06


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02.01.2020 15:12

I so much looking forward to see how this diorama will turn out:) Steem on at 2020, my guess is that you will have around 5000 Steem by the end of the year:) You do not need bit bots, just the amazing content that you provide to the community:)

02.01.2020 15:14

@georgeboya Thank you. Looking forward to hitting 5k :-) Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment.

03.01.2020 04:14

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02.01.2020 21:23

Very cool! Sad we are left with a cliffhanger can't wait to see more! Glad you put this on the blockchain.

@galenkp I think this is right up your alley? 🧐

I love models, I did a Tiger tank 4 or 5 years ago, it's about time I did another one I think.

02.01.2020 21:35

@balticbadger Thanks mate. I really appreciate it. You should build another one. I find it very relaxing.

03.01.2020 04:12