More Proof the Archons Are Slave-masters!

I’ll link the article below where aging seniors in Japan are getting ‘help’ from A.I. 

Is this not more proof that A.I. is not here to free humanity? That it’s really all about the archon control of our misanthropic overlords who control technology (and currency supply)...Well, how very angelic of them! 

Now look, I know none of you have ever actually READ the Bible for if you had you would know that work was a fuckin’ curse! And moreover, this fallen existence is evil as fuck (even by an orthodox version of western theism) and I can prove this because there would be no need for a new Jerusalem if this place was righteous. So GNOSTICISM isn't even needed to acknowledge the facts of this hellhole existence! It’s right there in Orthodoxy! Morons!!!

We gnostics are just the icing on the cake and can see through all the endless religious bullshit of our slave-masters! Consider Judaism's notion of Satan. If Yahweh is all-knowing and Omni this and Omni that then he doesn’t need a sergeant to test people to see what they’ll do! So this version of Satan is incoherent and isn’t any better than the Christian Orthodox version of Satan as a fallen angel as angels don’t have free will! 

Nope...Satan is what Judaism says he is and Yahweh created him because it's not all-knowing! And Lucifer is a replicant of Sophia and the Kabbalists haven’t figured that one out yet! Why would they? 

Rant over:)

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16.12.2019 08:21

This one was pretty good too, LINK

According to the case study, an analysis of the pen’s vapor turned up several toxic metals, including nickel, aluminum, lead, and cobalt. The researchers believe the metals likely leached out of the vape pen’s heated coil, eventually finding their way into the woman’s lungs.

It's funny how "the news" seems to focus on the "flavors" and completely ignores the fact that people are inhaling toxic metal fumes.

17.12.2019 21:42

Putting any kind of chemical daily and over long periods of time will not be good for the lungs...Capitalism has made people lose their common sense!

18.12.2019 04:33

I think the commies are also vaping.

18.12.2019 13:57