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We have heard of flooding due to torrential rains in the desert, of sandstorms, of very long droughts, but this is already normal for those inhospitable territories.

Every year the great magnitude of climate change is appreciated due to the bad treatment we give to our environment and generally those who suffer the most are the most innocent.

Is it fair that animals and people belonging to tribes from remote regions suffer the accelerated rate of destruction to which planet earth is being subjected?

We all think differently, but it is a question to reflect.
I wanted to express this fact in this illustration done in watercolor. A boy holding a dry branch of the desert between his fingers and the question is:


Do you want to accompany me to see a little of the step by step? Let's go.

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I want to thank the @c-squared, @curie and @helpie communities, for always lending support to steemit's friends.
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Thank you @andreasalas for your thoughts and this created, we all think that it will be hot on planet but forget to mention that there maybe some area where the climate will change to other contrast. Good post :)

21.08.2019 17:36