Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Rain Rain Rain

We were at 300%our annual rainfall back in May and it has rained nearly everyday since. Averaging over a half inch a day. 2 years ago we were in a severe drought.
It is amazing to see how tall the grass and sweet clover are out here at the ranch.
All the livestock are doing great! The grass is tall and the main fencing is done. We have been getting ready to hay.
We are waiting to get a few straight days of sunshine to knock the hay down and get it baled.
This is proving to be a challenge.
The ducks are loving it though. This rain is helping us out by helping to rebuild and stockpile our forage.
We will take it!
Thanks for following our journey!

Comments 3

Now that is some good looking grass !!!

04.07.2019 21:36

isnt it though! i have never seen anything like it in this area. Hopefully we can get our years hay right off the place with some extra for income,

05.07.2019 01:16

That would be great

05.07.2019 20:35