Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: haying Repairing and Rain

This has been one challenging haying season. While my wife and I were on vacation it finally dried out enough for my son to start haying. When haying the idea is to get it cut dried and bailed before it gets rained on. This has proved to be nearly impossible. We have had but a couple of days with out rain this year. Our first field only had one rain on it before he got it bailed. He broke the craw cable pulley when he was nearly finished.
He repaired this with a pulley and a little welding.
He then moved all the equipment out to the ranch.
He got about an acre cut and broke the drive arm for the sickle mower.

We had to order this part and it took a week to get it.
He managed to get everything that was cut raked and bailed Friday evening. We then got another major storm and the hay is sitting in the field to wet to move and stack.
Meanwhile as I write this Jade is out there repairing the sickle mower. We are try to get all ready for the next dry spell to hay like crazy.
All this rain has really started to take a toll on the roads leading to the ranch.
This stretch of road was washed out a week ago and repaired. It is near washing out again today. The south Road which is the shortest route was flooded to the point that we barely made it out last night and it is flooded over today.
We are down to one access point now where we usually have three roads in.
On the plus side the grass is friggen waist high! I have never seen so much sweet clover and the cows are doing amazing!
The grass is growing faster than they can eat it.
We are hoping to move them soon to new pastures.
Thanks for sharing our adventure!
More soon!

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That last picture looks like it came out of a magazine

21.07.2019 22:38


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22.07.2019 03:09

Nature's ways

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22.07.2019 04:46

The pluses and minuses of rain....

I remember the race to get hay in before rain, the very fist time back in the mid 1960's. That time we made it with help from neighbors. :))

22.07.2019 10:03