Meanwhile Back At The Ranch : DIY Solar Fence Charger

We needed another fence charger to light up an electric fence in the next pasture. They run around $300 for a new one and we are a little short right now.

So I decided to build a battery pack setup for this charger out of things I already had.
I took an old rubber tote and put a battery I had in it then dug out my inverter.
The inverter is a large one and I am hoping that it does not use to much energy. I put the battery and the inverter in the tub and then took a small Solar panel charger and fastened it to the lid of the tub. I actually drilled a couple of holes in the tub on the sides for cooling.


Here it is in the field for our test run and seems to be working fine. As long as the charger keeps up I think we are in business. I had everything but the solar panel which cost me $30. So if it works I saved a few bucks and it’s a pretty handy setup.
Thanks for sharing our journey!

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Pretty cool! I hope it works just fine for you. In the past, this is the sort of thing we often did, using what we had to get the job done well.

16.08.2019 08:54

Thanks. yes we do a lot of that right now

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16.08.2019 15:06