Hempcrete Chicken coop update

Back before vacation I finished casting the roof . I used the 21/2 to one ratio of lime to birds. The metal studs seem to be doing quite well. I see no sign of corrosion from the lime. I then covered the roof with OSB that I salvaged from some old crating.
In the last couple of weeks I have started casting the walls.
Here is a picture of the north side my mix for the walls has been 3 to 1 by volume 3 parts hemp birds and 7/8 type N hydrated lime 1/8 fast setting drywall compound.
On the east side of the coop I tried a different formula. I used ISG Diamond coat plaster instead of the fast setting compound. This did not work all that well.I did not get a very good hydraulic set. This is making the Casting more fragile till the lime cures out.
If things go as planned I will be casting the front this week.
Thanks for reading my post!
I am happy to take advice or answer questions on Hempcrete construction techniques.
If you have a project you would like done please contact me.

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