Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

Hello Steemians, two days ago I, and a few other Steemit Team members announced our resignations from Steemit. In those announcements we all mentioned needing to take some rest because, well ... we were all extremely exhausted.

Since that announcement I have received an unbelievable number of well-wishes and concern for my well being. This support means the world to me. It was wholly unexpected and I can't express enough gratitude for it. I appreciate all the positivity and assure you that I am doing quite well.

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Witness Voting

One of the things that has me energized and excited for the future is seeing the community galvanized around the Witnesses and protecting this blockchain we helped build. If you haven't already, please head on over to steemit.com/~witnesses and vote for a Witness that you know to be human.

While the circumstances may not be ideal, I take great pleasure in knowing that this community is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a real force in the blockchain space.

OpenSeed & OpenLink

One of the questions people have been asking me is what all of this means for OpenSeed & OpenLink. Well, it means that I'll have a lot more time to nag @bflanagin and @brklyn8900! We will be moving full Steem ahead with those projects, so if you want to help us move even faster, be sure to vote on our SPS proposal.

We have total faith in the Steem community to get through this struggle, but regardless of what happens with the Steem blockchain, we are committed to delivering an open source application development platform and encrypted messaging application that is built from the ground up to meet the needs of Steemians.

Stay Tuned

@roadscape, @vandeberg, and @gerbino are some of my favorite people in the world, and now that we are no longer employed at Steemit, you better believe we're talking about what is next for us. All we know is that there is no community we'd rather be a part of, or develop code for.

So be sure to follow @openseed, @vandeberg, @roadscape, don't forget to vote on OpenSeed's proposal, and of course ...

Vote for Witnesses!!!

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Me too! :)

05.03.2020 15:44

Thanks! Already done and done! Looking forward to what you build next.

04.03.2020 21:03

Full Steem ahead man. I could kiss you right now.

04.03.2020 21:04

Well what are you waiting for? 😂

04.03.2020 21:54

He actually means it though. He's in your washroom.

05.03.2020 02:44

Now I’m trying to imagine how much more I could get done if I quit my job.

04.03.2020 21:05

Ewww, lol, tempting huh.

05.03.2020 11:07

Enyoy your free time and take a breath, and good luck with your SPS proporsal,
well steemit is a great comunity specially when the thing are bad, right now every cryptoworld have their eyes in our blockchain.

04.03.2020 21:07

Steemit.com is no longer a trusted site

04.03.2020 21:09

Indeed! Thanks to scumbags like @themarkymark and his band of criminals, Steemit has been turned into nothing more than a cesspool of fraud and corruption. They stole from 1000s of naive members in order to fill their own greedy pockets. Too bad there is not some way to cancel their Steem, and give it back to the members they stole it from.

05.03.2020 00:16

I know you haven't technically been away, but it kind of feels that way, and with that I say it's great to see you back @andrarchy. Very glad to hear that you're still doing well, as if that's a surprise. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Steem!

04.03.2020 21:10

It was a bit dicey there for a few days 😂

04.03.2020 21:54

Lol, I meant while you were working for Steemit. Your blogging became a bit sparse compared to the early days of steem.

04.03.2020 22:31

SPS voted with all the accounts :) Great to still have you around!

04.03.2020 21:13


04.03.2020 21:55

Well, now I know you :)

04.03.2020 21:56

You have my little voice for OpenSeed proposal.

04.03.2020 21:20

You pushed it over the edge! :)

05.03.2020 15:53

Awesome news ! Seeing this strength and love in the community makes me know we are all part of something really special . One important thing about social media is that it always have to bring something new and exciting to the table, and it can’t get stagnant, I guess we can’t complain about that here on the Steem blockchain hehe.

04.03.2020 21:24

this is great to hear! welcome back :))

04.03.2020 21:25

That is awesome news. Maybe this whole episode was needed to truly decentralize this Blockchain. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! 😎

04.03.2020 21:32


04.03.2020 21:57

I hope so.

05.03.2020 11:06

Maybe something great will evolve from this struggle. All the best for your projects!

04.03.2020 21:42

Thank you. Sorry If I ever said anything mean or harsh to you. That was said to a representative of Steemit, which you are now not.

I will look at SPS. This is a good tool to help us move forward.

04.03.2020 21:43

No worries, I get it ;)

04.03.2020 21:57

You guy are the best! Steem has a bright future because of people like y’all!

04.03.2020 21:51

I am super curious about how much app developers will like this openseed “framework” and how fast will they be able to bring new apps to the ecosystem compared with the current “you need to have a ton of skills methods”.

04.03.2020 21:57

Awesome, I will be glad to vote on your proposal and I an do happy and relieved you are still building on steem 😀

04.03.2020 22:07

Ha, resigned or kicked out from Steemit Inc., whatever . . . you and the rest of the team are still working with us, the community . . . and having great plans!

Great show and thank you so much for this post letting us know you are doing well!

04.03.2020 22:29

Hey Andrew a strong move from all of you. Iam really wishing you all the best and I believe that with that kind of unique skillset that you guys got a lot of projects will stand in queue for you to maybe start there.
All this project work can be totally exhausting so pls take your time and recharge your batteries.
All the best

04.03.2020 22:30

Thanks man, appreciate the support

05.03.2020 15:44

Thank you Andrew for this strong support from you. You have made a great effort and you are planning these strong projects. I hope to achieve more desired goals and move towards success more and more. Good luck my dear.

05.03.2020 22:16

So awesome! Exciting times are coming. It seems that this shakeup may actually lead to a stronger Steem in the end. Keep up the amazing work.

04.03.2020 22:35

I love this words!

04.03.2020 22:35

SPS voted for.

04.03.2020 22:54

I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and forging ahead. This community continues to amaze me. Thanks for being part of it.

04.03.2020 23:12

Steemit is a unicorn lol.

05.03.2020 11:08

@andrarchy, @roadscape, @vandeberg, and @gerbino

you are all heros. Already vote for openseed. I would vote 2 times if i can :)

Wish you all the best!!!

04.03.2020 23:13

Maybe you can.

05.03.2020 11:09

Thanks for everything you've done, and continue to do, to help the Steem community @andrarchy. 😊

Thought this might be a good place to share this too... 😉 😂

steem honeybadger.gif

04.03.2020 23:32

A Cat Skunk haha.

05.03.2020 11:07

You guys taking the action that you have shows character. True character.

04.03.2020 23:51

That’s great to hear!

04.03.2020 23:59

On the contrary, I see that getting rid of existing Steemit witnesses is a very good thing...in fact, one of the best things to happen to Steemit in a very long time. It's long past time for Steemit Witnesses like @themarkymark and his lousy sidekick @buildawhale to be removed because they and their band of criminals have turned Steemit into nothing more than a cesspool of fraud and corruption, stealing money from the vast majority of naive Steemit members while at the same time filling their own greedy pockets.

The day that the last Steemit Witness is removed will be the first day of Steemit's rebirth...and a new beginning.

The only problem I see is that Steemit Witnesses have not had their Steem Accounts forfeited, and the money they stole returned to its rightful owners...the Steemit community. If members truly care about Steemit, the absolute best thing they can do is to remove their votes for the old Steemit Witnesses, and not try to keep them. Keeping such low-life scumbags will ensure that Steemit will go out of business.

05.03.2020 00:10

Show me where the witnesses touched you.

05.03.2020 02:46

Check any of my posts or comments! You will find that most if not all of them have been down-voted by @themarkymark and sometimes a number of his associates, such as @buildawhale. (AKA's).

But in any event, among other things, witnesses are suppose to set a good example for the rest of the Steemit community, but instead some like @themarkymark launch their own personal campaigns of retaliation against anyone who crosses them the wrong way. I'm not the only one who has run across that kind of shit on Steemit. Untold thousands have already left Steemit for that very same reason.

Steemit has a lot of problems, for sure! But none of them are so great as the problem with its own Witnesses. Justin Sun understood that fact, which is why he has directed Tron management to take the drastic steps that it is now taking to purge Steemit of its corrupt Witnesses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to require ALL witness votes to be from current active members. That move will essentially remove all current witnesses from not only the top 20 or 30 spots, but perhaps even from the top 100, since the vast majority of their votes are from members who have left Steemit a long time ago. I am confident that Just Sun will succeed.

Any member who does not see the need for this to happen unfortunately is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

05.03.2020 12:43

Yeah, I have run across @themarkymark before but I understood his point and I just left to go to Whaleshares. I still come back here every day or two to see how the powerdown is going and say hi but it just wasn't the platform for me.

It doesn't make these folks bad people for wanting the best for their platform and I don't know the details of your situation but he treated me quite fairly and he bleeds Steem so that's what this place needs.

If you get tired of wasting your energy and sanity on silly shit like flag wars, pop by whaleshares and check it out. I'll even make you an instant account if you don't want to wait a day. I'm the same name over there.

06.03.2020 01:51

"It doesn't make these folks bad people for wanting the best for their platform"

No it doesn't! But it does make these folks bad people when they use their SP and reputations to down-vote so many other members in order to destroy their reputations and thus receive nothing for their curator efforts, while at the same time, filling their own greedy pocked with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. People like @themarkymark are nothing but barrel scum.

06.03.2020 18:19

Be that as it may, why would you stay around and put yourself through all this? When I saw all of the corruption after spending six months here I knew it wasn't the place for me. Unless you are getting something out of it, why stick around? Maybe you like the drama? I know that a lot of people do, I'm just not one of them.

06.03.2020 23:05

"Be that as it may, why would you stay around and put yourself through all this?"

I'm only passing the time here while I'm waiting for my 13 week (ridiculous I might add) power down to be completed (just 3 weeks left).

"When I saw all of the corruption after spending six months here I knew it wasn't the place for me. "

I beat you there! :) It took me less than 1 month to realize what was going on.

I do indeed like drama and arguments, but only when they occur on a level playing field. When however the odds are stacked against you, as is the case with Steemit with its "protected" Witnesses entering the game, down-voting everyone they do not like in order to line their own pockets, only a fool would stay on Steemit longer than they need to in order to get their money back. Sure, I never had much invested in the first place, but I see it more a matter of principle than anything else.

I guess I'd like to see one of 2 things happen...either for Tron to get rid of all existing Steemit witnesses, or else to shut down Steemit completely. At this point, either option would be fine with me, but one thing is for certain. Continue the way it is, and Steemit will not survive much longer. Only those who have a vested interest would argue otherwise. Perhaps in the past, those like the @themarkymark actually added something positive to the Steemit platform, but not any more. On the contrary, they have now turned Steemit into a cesspool while filling their own pocked with blood money stolen from those whose reputations they destroyed. It's now time for those corrupted witnesses to be removed, or else for Steemit to shut down for good.

07.03.2020 01:08

Right on, well I wish you luck. I will just keep hanging with my whaleshares friends and watch all this shit from the sidelines. I do hope that real people don't lose out in this big dick contest.

07.03.2020 01:30

Thank you!

"I do hope that real people don't lose out in this big dick contest."

So do I, but I think in reality they have already lost.

Have you ever taken a close look at the profiles of some of these Witnesses and high-reputation members such as @themarkymark and @buildawhale? The last time I looked, @themarkymark had approximately $135,000.00 US in his account, and was taking in $1000s. How much do you think the average Steemit member has in their account? My best is less than $50, if that. Unfortunately, while the initial concept may have been good, albeit a non-sustainable business model, Steemit is now nothing more than a bad joke! I only wish that there was some way to take the Steem away from those like @themarkymark and return it to its rightful owners. Hopefully Justin Sun (Tron) can fix this mess, otherwise Steemit's remaining time is no doubt quickly coming to an end.

Thanks again for the great dialog. Perhaps we can meet again on Whaleshares. :)

Good luck to you also!

07.03.2020 02:06

That would be cool. If you need an account I can make you one instantly. Chris Bird- profanereviews#2542 is my discord

07.03.2020 02:32

Thanks! Actually I just signed up! Same ID as here. It says that I have to wait upto 24 hrs to be setup. Oh well. :)

07.03.2020 02:42

Sweet. I approved it and it just needs one more witness approval so should be good. There is a Whaleshares community that was just started here as well. Before you get started there you might want to have a look through here https://whaleshares.io/@tutorials because it can be pretty confusing when you come from Steemit. I will keep an eye out for you and shoot you a bit of stake so you will have enough daba to do a decent intro post if you want. I just bought a bunch more WLS to power up pods and shit. so I don't mind helping new people out if they're keen to interact with the platform.

07.03.2020 05:13

Well, I've had a chance to delve into the workings of Whaleshares, and to say the least, I am very disappointed. In many ways, I can't say that it is any better than Steemit, and in someways, it's a lot worse. Whaleshares has the same old witness structure as Steemit, and the same ridiculous 13-week power down requirement. On top of that, posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money to tip their authors. Why anyone would ever want to do that is totally beyond me.

But regardless of its structure, Whaleshares has virtually no members to speak of, and over half its witnesses have already left the platform. Thanks, but no thanks! There are much better and more enjoyable ways to waste one's time and money.

Three more weeks for my Steemit power-down to be completed, and I'm totally done with blockchain forums. They are not for me!

Thanks again for all your help, and good luck to you.

07.03.2020 18:54

That's fine if you don't want to be a part of it but why would you assume that you have to spend your own money on it? That's a pretty quick look you took if that was all you took from it. Also, it is definitely not the place for you if you are just looking for free money.

07.03.2020 22:41

I'm not aware of any place on this planet which offers free money. All money comes with a price of some kind...with very few, if any exceptions!

What I did notice however was just how few members Whaleshares appears to really have. My estimate is less than 1000 active members...yes, just 1000. In fact, there have been very few posts from anyone within the past few days. Also, I had my account setup for less than 10 minutes when I received my first follower. Some idiot by the name of "fuckit"! Really? And to make matters even worse, that idiot is also listed as a Witness. And I thought Steemit was a cesspool. The fact of the matter is that without a centralized system, and reasonable censorship to control such trash, none of these blockchain forums will ever survive. They are just cesspools where very few decent people will ever stay for long once they see all the garbage. So if that's your style, have fun, but as for me, I'll take a pass.

08.03.2020 03:26

That's for the best, I would say. I just had a quick look at your content and I don't think you would be well received. I also see why you are getting flagged here. To each their own.

FYI fuckit probably has more integrity in his little finger than you have in your whole body. I think that before you start judging others with absolutely no clue what you're talking about, you should get your own mind right.

08.03.2020 04:55

"FYI fuckit probably has more integrity in his little finger than you have in your whole body."

People with integrity do not choose such vulgar user IDs, nor will anyone with integrity want to follow them. And that is a fact, whether or not you want to agree with it.

You have now been muted!

08.03.2020 05:21

Oh no!

08.03.2020 06:02

On top of that, posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money to tip their authors.

Pa.treon posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money (on subscriptions) and that seems to be working out pretty well for them!!

16.03.2020 17:22

While that is certainly true, I hope that you are not trying to compare the content posted on Patreon with the crap posted on Steemit or Whaleshares, or with their overall structures. There is simply no comparison! Neither Steemit nor Whaleshares can ever hope to be even 10% as good as Patreon.

18.03.2020 14:44

There is some genuinely high-quality-original-content on the steem blockchain.

If the trending page was ranked by actual total contributions from "subscribers" or "contributors" (either by steem-delegations or direct transfer tips or some combination) instead of the current metric of "free upvotes", then I believe the rankings would be a much better indication of quality.

18.03.2020 15:13

Perhaps! But what sets places like Patreon above and beyond those like Steemit and Whaleshares, is the fact that they are NOT based on the blockchain concept, but rather are moderated so as to keep unacceptable content, like porn and other such stuff off their sites. No forum that allows the posting of porn (other than porn sites themselves) has ever succeeded.

And secondly, places like Patreon do not allow down-voting, therefore authors and their posts can not be destroyed by hateful members who seek nothing more than revenge as do many Steemit witnesses.

And then of course, there is the Steemit witness system. Such places are doomed to failure before they even begin, because they are really nothing more than disguised ponzi schemes.

18.03.2020 15:40

Is nudity allowed on Patreon?

Nudity and the human body has been part of art since the very beginning of our history. It is so intertwined that we would never even think to ask whether or not the “David” would be allowed on Patreon.

Nudity is allowed on Patreon as long as it is flagged accordingly:

If you are planning on posting nudity on your page, please mark your page as adult content. The same logic applies if your project changes with time. You can read more about how to mark yourself as an adult content creator here: Should my creator page be marked as adult content?

Content with mature themes should be marked as “Patron Only”. This means that you cannot post nudity in public areas including your profile picture, banner, tier images or about me section.


18.03.2020 17:00

"Is nudity allowed on Patreon?"

There is a big difference between nudity and pornography!

"Nudity is allowed on Patreon as long as it is flagged accordingly"

Again, there is a big difference between nudity and pornography!

These are excerpts from Patreon's Terms of Service...

"Pornography and sexual services:

We don't allow pornographic material or sexual services on Patreon, which we define as "real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera.""

"You cannot use Patreon to provide access to pornographic material such as giving access to a website or shared private access to pornographic creations whether on Patreon or on any other platform. Pornography is defined as real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera."


18.03.2020 17:29

...which we define as "real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera."

Apparently, drawings and animations of such activity are allowed.

AND, even highly suggestive borderline scandalous content is allowed on yo.utubz.

18.03.2020 17:59

It would appear that @themarkymark is no longer a Steemit witness. His witness account was disabled yesterday.

22.03.2020 17:07


23.03.2020 15:17

Indeed! It would appear that Justin Sun has a lot more power behind him that many have given him credit for. When someone like Sun has the power to control major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, you either say "Yes Sir!" or your simply walk away...you don't try and fight them because that will only result in your failure.

@themarkymark and his band of criminals may very well have been in control of Steemit, but they were no match for Tron. From what I know of Justin Sun, he does not tolerate such behavior as demonstrated by those like @themarkymark and @buildawhale, and will do everything in his power to get rid of it.

23.03.2020 15:58

We'll see how it all shakes out!

23.03.2020 16:07

Andrew, good to see you bounce back mate. I knew as soon as STINC announced austerity measures and laid a bunch of people off that you and the few others left would find themselves doing the work of multiple people for the same pay. I have been there myself and you're lucky it didn't burn you out because the aftermath of continual exhaustion is not pretty.

The community has your back 110% and I just voted in your proposal. I think you'll find you will have no problem getting the support that you need. You should speak with @aggroed and see if there is some overlap with what he is spearheading with Steem Engine, as well. I've been leading the front-end efforts there, but there might be some possibilities to link up and combine efforts on some pro-steem initiatives.

05.03.2020 00:12


05.03.2020 11:10

Voted on both. Hope things turn out great so soon :)

05.03.2020 00:16

If only you were a witness.

05.03.2020 11:10

I don't know shit about coding and smart stuff in general #lol

05.03.2020 12:55

You don't have to code to witness.

05.03.2020 13:32

Thanks for standing up for the community. All of you have been awesome to us. Wish you nothing but the best on your future endeavors.

05.03.2020 00:25

Heard a lot about you. Consider me a friend. If you guys stick around we can do wonderful things to this blockchain. Governance issue we will sort out soon enough.

05.03.2020 00:28

Voted an approval for your SPS project. It is great to have your talents still focused on STEEM!

05.03.2020 00:38

... don't forget to vote on OpenSeed's proposal ...

Done. :)

05.03.2020 00:40

Can't say enough of how much respect you've earned in the past few days with your actions <3 Can't wait to see OpenSeed develop further AND the future plans for you and roadscape, vandeberg and gerbino :D Cheers!

05.03.2020 00:43

Thanks so much for the kind words @soyrosa 😘

05.03.2020 15:54

Good luck!

05.03.2020 01:01

vote for openseed, I'm glad you're here.

05.03.2020 01:03

Welcome back, this move definitely is bullish

05.03.2020 01:28

I guess it depends on who is in the committee doing the voting.

05.03.2020 11:11

Hey Sneak, good to see you again. If you're talking about the OpenSeed proposal, we're just going to give those finds right back to the community. It's more about validating the concept with our customers (Steemians) and incentivizing community contributions with free money. I agree, no products should be designed by committee and your business model should never be dependent on an unreliable source of revenue. I've learned a few things from you and from my time at Steemit ;) The SPS should be used to pour gasoline on a sound business model. It is not even a consideration in our business plan.

05.03.2020 15:49

I am really glad hearing this project from you. My support is yours.

05.03.2020 02:06

I am really glad
Hearing this project from you.
My support is yours.

                 - cloudspyder

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

05.03.2020 02:06

See. Hitting that reset button isn't so bad.

05.03.2020 02:19

That's really awesome. I'm not really active here anymore but I am really glad to see you folks all banding together and showing these fuckers that a good community means a lot more than a temporary paycheque.

I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

05.03.2020 02:43

I like you, but I do not see how roadscape, gerbino and least of all vandeberg need you for anything.

You were 'head of communications' for how long ?
I do not see any result of your work, anywhere.

If the other 3 started logging their monthly progress in a public blog, they'd communicate more with us, than you have the last 3 years.

I'd say you have done nothing but fluff talk, but you did not even talk, man !
Sweet-talking ned and the secret slack is not communication.

I do not think steem needs you or eli to proceed from here.

05.03.2020 04:39

Maybe so

05.03.2020 11:12

Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant :) That being said, of course Steem does not need me. I need Steem.

05.03.2020 15:50

Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant :)

Yeah, I'd fire you instantly :D
And then invite you to steak dinner.

05.03.2020 16:23

Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant

OOohhh, not good communication skills...lol

06.03.2020 00:59

I thought it was just me thinking this...

06.03.2020 00:58

Your exhausted FFS.!!! Get your hed out of your ass!!! This would not have happend if you had your fucking eyes open. Quit Good. See ya.

05.03.2020 05:00

I'm not that old in the community and I never really got to interact with any of your posts, but, judging by how the community talks about you, I must also thank you for all the work you've done for us. Personally I hope to stay longer in the community and see that there are incredible people like you here, it makes me want to stay here even more and fight together with the whole community. Thanks for everything!

05.03.2020 05:13

Class act, Sir.

05.03.2020 05:25

Happy to be following you all!

05.03.2020 05:39

I hate you @karenmckersie! You annihilated me every time on SM. I'm just kidding about the hate but I did dread seeing your name pop up.

06.03.2020 02:00

Today, we mourn because of Steemit. Tomorrow, it will surely be the reason why we smile. Because, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Love you @andrarchy. Keep pushing. Don't get tired. And this involves all other steemians out there. Tron might be doing many things now, but if we continue to push hard with wisdom, Steemit is climbing despite all odds. Get on, guys. Love your move @andrarchy. Bye.

05.03.2020 05:56

I really appreciate that. It means a lot to me. Thank you

05.03.2020 19:44

Good to hear from you man...We all love you guys and your work.

05.03.2020 06:28

Voted on your SPS proposal.

05.03.2020 06:30

yes hopefully this project will run smoothly. glad to see you share a good proposal for the future of the community.

05.03.2020 06:31

Voting for the SPS already, I guess there will be more interest (as in votes) once people have a MVP at hand :)

05.03.2020 06:38

I donot know who you are but goodbyes always make me sad. I am just a newbie trying to make a place in rapidly growing Steemit community but I wish you luck in whatever choices you make in your life.

05.03.2020 06:43

Proposal voted!!!! Thanks!!!

05.03.2020 07:46

I have been mostly silent during this whole Tron fiasco, mostly because there isn't much I can do to help and I walked away from Steem politics in 2018 shortly after my team presented at SF3. This decision had nothing to do with SF3, but rather some other other nastiness in the community that no longer seems to be crippling the judgment of any current leaders.

However, I've always been here, quietly working away at a project I hope will eventually attract more mainstream users and blah blah. You and I have talked about it. We're still in the game, just waiting to see if we will eventually have to rebrand. I certainly hope not.

I do want to tell you, though, that when I first considered getting a Steem account way back in the by-and-by days, your YouTube videos were some of the first I watched on the subject of Steem. So you've been a "staple" for me that pre-dates my actual onboarding experience with the platform. Since then you've always been here, and it's good to see this post making it clear that you intend to stick around regardless of employment factor with Steemit, Inc. Well, Steemhouse Publishing and I, as well as our small staff of editors and other folk, are planning to stick around, too, unless it becomes sadly clear that it's pointless and everyone on the platform leaves. So let's build something new from all of this, shall we? I'll be around, doing the usual. Thank you for everything.

05.03.2020 09:04

In other words, you guys go way back.

05.03.2020 11:15

No, that's not really accurate. I've just been aware of his contributions to this platform even longer than I've been part of the platform, and am really glad to see he's not gone.

05.03.2020 11:17

That's good. And keep up the good work.

05.03.2020 11:57

Hi @rhondak! Nice to see you are still around. I'm glad you're still working on stuff here and how's TARC doing? I hope the need for it is starting to die down but I imagine it just stays the same like here.

06.03.2020 01:57

You bet I'm still around. Well, at least I'm around on Steem. I ended up having to leave Appalachia completely. I'm living in Morocco now, but TARC still exists. We're re-branding to "Transatlantic Animal Relief Coalition" and working with some locals and a group called ERHAM on the Atlantic coast with TNR programs for both cats and dogs. I haven't posted about it on the Steem TARC account because of the Tron kerfluffle. I'm not taking any chances with more content just yet. But, long story short, after I released "High Kill," hostility got so bad in Southwest Virginia that I had to leave. I would have died there if I hadn't. I know I would have.

06.03.2020 11:27

Holy shit. That's insane.

Morocco though. That's pretty awesome. I love Casablanca and thought I would visit but what are the chances it still looks like it did in the 40s? Although the movie was probably not really shot there.

06.03.2020 14:47

I was pretty underwhelmed with Casablanca when we landed there. But I didn't see much of it. We drove through quickly on our way south. What I saw didn't look like the movie, for sure. I'm pretty sure it didn't look like it in the 40s, either. LOL

However, El Jadida is gorgeous. So is Sidi Bouzid, where we have a house. There is a post with pics on my blog from a couple of weeks ago. :-)

06.03.2020 17:28

Voted for the OpenSeed Proposal. Looking forward to see more awesome stuff in the future from you guys :)

05.03.2020 09:13

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05.03.2020 09:14

Much respect for you!! Already spent my all votes to bring this to normal :)

05.03.2020 09:25


05.03.2020 23:45

All the very best and best wishes for steemians hope that you guys will starts good projects

05.03.2020 09:45

It's pretty mad what's happening but we have to look from the bright side. The community now is stronger than ever and the word is out there!

BOI also wrote a post about the latest events and we would really appreciate you taking a look.

Steem on, my friends!

05.03.2020 10:14

Hi everyone
I’m sort of new to steemit and only joined when Tron purchased the platform as I’m a Tron investor and soon to be a steem investor. I don’t really know what’s going on but been reading through everyone’s comments to try and get a clearer picture. What I do know is steemit is very important to Tron and the Tron investors and not something that will be sold off to make money on. Trons is building a eco system where everything you will ever need be under one roof. From file sharing to storage, from online streaming to trons own version of YouTube and now we have a social media platform to rival Reddit. Would be nice if Tron developed one app where all this can be integrated. So I do think it’s in safe hands and will have unlimited resources thrown at it to develop the platform.

05.03.2020 10:28

Do you like decentralization?

05.03.2020 11:16

I do and that’s why I got into crypto many years ago. What isn’t right is freezing someone’s account. What would you do if the government froze your bank account ? You would kick off

05.03.2020 18:27

Do you prefer centralization?

05.03.2020 19:58

joeyarnoldvn Decentralization is when no one can influence your money.

06.03.2020 02:17


06.03.2020 06:01

Keep up the good work. I voted. I'm inspired.

05.03.2020 11:05

Voted! Also, if you need any help from me, you know where to find me. <3

05.03.2020 11:21

Hey! Good to see you!

05.03.2020 19:45

Thanks for everything you've done to support the Steem community!

05.03.2020 13:11

Thx for the update and that you are still believing and working for Steem :) Voted for the SPS #64 keep up the great work :) Wish we can also employ the other former Steemit devs somehow!

05.03.2020 13:35

Interesting idea... ;)

05.03.2020 23:45

Thank you for this commitment to continuing to developing second layer solutions! I am currently working on @ecoinstats as a SYNERGY FUND to support project builders. We are going to continue to support LTS #steem and building real applications with real uses for the real world.


You have had my support for a while now, I'm over 25k SP between accounts and heading for Orca. But what I have learned in the last years has been the most valuable:

It's what you build that counts

05.03.2020 14:38

Thanks so much for the support man. Good to see you! And thanks for everything you're doing with the Synergy Fund!

05.03.2020 23:44


05.03.2020 15:03

I like the tone, seems something is cooking & will deliver soon. I am an active token holder in STEEM - SE Space, so whatever way I could support the STEEM chain and to the community I will do my best! Looking forward to hear your next update and already made a proxy account which deliver votes to top 30 Human Witnesses through our community space!


05.03.2020 15:04

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05.03.2020 15:04

As with a lot of the other comments I know you don't know me; but I want to let you know that I appreciate the stance you have taken here. After posting up here for 2.5 years I must say I have been surprised by the strength of community which is coming out here. Seems we just needed a common threat to unite under. Whatever happens to this chain the community will move forward in a decentralized manner somewhere. Best of luck with your new endeavors and glad your still here to work on steem projects.

05.03.2020 15:12

Well you're an OG Steemian, so I feel like I know you! Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.

05.03.2020 23:43

Well if you ever need any photos of far away places to promote your work you know where to find them ;-)

06.03.2020 03:09

im not here to sell your shit but

One of the things that has me energized and excited for the future is seeing the community galvanized around the Witnesses and protecting this blockchain we helped build

a witness system that works would be nice

05.03.2020 17:30

i would love to have a place that works

with real people who are not in charge

thing is

most of "us" think you're still with the elders

and most of THEM think the first real investor is Satan

if you can make that work

i will definitely work whatever evil i have to make them believe you

but first i need to

05.03.2020 17:32

i was gonna buy the right to speak but it says 'under maintenance'

do you really not understand ? and im not talking to the poster here

05.03.2020 17:53

I totally agree.

I believe that the development of a true open source platform is the only solution.

In the field of software, Linux is trying to do it with all its projects and distributions and progresses every day.

I think very hard Linus Torvalds or Richard Stallman when they started with their projects, each with their ideas, thought that today Linux would reach the place it has.

Why can't we do the same with Steemit?

I fully support the project and will try to spread it with all the means at my disposal.

Greetings and good luck!.

05.03.2020 18:02

Good to see that you are doing alright. I miss hanging out with you, LOL

05.03.2020 19:27

Back at you! We should chat again! Some stuff has happened since then lol

05.03.2020 19:46

definitely seems to understand how the system works

why not work for Justin Sun, did you apply ?

the people seem to like you

05.03.2020 19:45

Wish you the best

06.03.2020 02:36


06.03.2020 05:04

Nice article !!

06.03.2020 05:28

Well, overall I will be saying am looking forward to a great future with steemit. Better days ahead

06.03.2020 08:08

More new projects?
That's great, do you know what the problem is?

that perhaps steemit has never come to develop his potential of his primary project?

The simplest of all.

A blogging platform, Is that simple, useful and commercial?

Instead of a platform that looks more like a forum on the steem blockchain itself and its projects, but with people publishing things in the middle........

I have no idea in whose hands.

But of what I am absolutely sure.

It is that Steemit requires a great change, in the way of thinking of witnesses / maintainers / owners / managers / curators / whales.

Call it X

By and to absolutely reform the methodology of use, organization, management, dissemination, participation and participation in the benefits of the platform.

If not. It is impossible for this to advance and reach the competence of other external platforms.

It is impossible for Steemit to become an easy-to-use platform for thousands of new users to reach.

If the cover of Steemit is full of content for aliens .. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year..

That's what people think, when you show them Steemit.

Is that what you want? Perfect.

Let's make everything stay the same. But..

So. Do not say that this is a blogging platform. Call it the Steemit forum, or something like that.

That way you don't cheat the user, who is not addicted to Steemit.

That he understands absolutely nothing of what the world of blockchains is; and also do not try to attract these types of users.

Because it is absolutely unfeasible.

Attracting people for money, which is what Steemit has done until today.

Exclusively, it can generate a rotten community..

I don't give a fuck who or what ends up controlling Steemit. I don't give a shit about the value of Steem's cryptocurrency today.

But I only know one thing.

In two years watching the project.

Progress could be valued at 0. And Steemit's advertising work has been an absolute joke during all this time.

Changes are needed. Many, many, many changes.

Much more than the creation of new projects.

It is necessary to perfect the platform from top to bottom. Consolidate the projects that really work.

Make a good plan for collective dissemination. And no, that is not based on making publications within Steemit.

It is based on turning Steemit into a world of ease, naturalness, plasticity, simplicity, of finding market niches further away from people involved in cryptocurrencies.

Beyond people interested in disgusting money.

Make Steemit a beautiful place to post. Organized. Modern.

Content that does not always talk about cryptocurrencies and Steemit.

Remove all garbage from healers. It does not work. It is just a garbage system, in which they themselves generate garbage.

Remove all trash from bots. Hide the votes.

Create in Steemit a platform with the content that consumes the rest of the world, but that in steemit crashes.

Win users to generate enough publicity to benefit witnesses. Instead of having to make a profit based on the generation of technical publications.

For example.. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Manage social networks correctly. So far they have been practically dead, and Steemit's name has been absorbed by hundreds of unreliable people.

That makes the platform look discredited worldwide, again and again.

There is no seriousness.......

You see it? You want to continue creating more and more projects. More and more evolutions?

And it turns out that Steemit has not reached 30 or 40 percent of its total real potential.

Much less has come to touch perfection in its design and in what it can offer.

Start creating hundreds of other projects. That the only thing they serve is for to divide more; the small existing community that by itself is already too divided.

Why Steemit does not constantly promote adherent communities. As if they were all part of one, transmitting unity. For example?

Etc etc. etc.

Changes. Changes are needed, what has been done so far does not work; and the line of segregation of projects and users that is being favored.

It will never work. Never.

06.03.2020 12:54

I wish you all the best too. Now I am really curious how it will end. I hope there would be a balanced situation though for the sake of our beloved Steemit.
The last thing I wish is to lose the dezentralisation principle, cos this is what makes steemit special in the first place..basically one of the reason that brought me here.

07.03.2020 21:05