SİNG AND PLAY WEEK 141-TAKE ME ( Al beni -COVER) BY @anatolianwishdom

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hhere we have performed a well know old Turkish song.

Take Me
Take me, take me
take me far away
take me, take me
let me fly up into the air

I know that you're aware of it
It's very difficult
your eyes don't lie...

Take me, take me
from your palm lines
take me, take me
to the sea of your eyes

Take me, take me
under your hand
take me, take me
in between the two seas

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful video!
Later on or tomorrow I will create a post along with the new event organisers for "Sing and play", "Dance party" and "Keep fit and have fun" events.

30.05.2021 12:50


30.05.2021 15:05


30.05.2021 19:45


31.05.2021 05:28

Beautiful song and performance!

I am currently running a contest called RANDOM MUSIC CONTEST - Round 3 - Musical Duo.

It would be great to have your participation :)
Have a nice day!

31.05.2021 13:53

Thank you my friend 🙏 we will be happy to participate Random Music Contest.

Have a beautiful day 🌻

31.05.2021 14:54

Hola amigos. Felicidades por esta participación, espero se encuentren bien. Bendiciones y saludos con cariño.

02.06.2021 04:45

gracias hermano, todo está bien y bien. amor


02.06.2021 05:55

What a beautiful performance, I loved everything, I wish I could understand it, hahaha.

03.06.2021 00:46

Thank you my friend 🙏😌

03.06.2021 03:31

felicidades hermano... que magistral inerpretacion, me encanto. buena vibra y bendiciones. tienes mi voto y e llevo a mi blog

03.06.2021 12:33

gracias amigo!

03.06.2021 12:44