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What can make us happy

The first activity that makes me happy is giving presents. I really like to be attantive to people's wishes and plan the present in advance. It's a real pleasure for me to make surprises and to see happiness and joy in the eyes of my darling person.

I like to go to the theatres. In my opinion, they worth much more than cinemas. When actors play right behind you it's more touching and emotional. Honestly, I don't understand why cinema tickets are more expensive than theatre, cause you can see a film at home, but can't experience the performance.

Horse riding is my wickness. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for me to do it often, but I have a dream to have two own horses and spend more time on them and this activity.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Walking, singing, dancing, eating in different restaurants and cafes, trying something new, visiting new places, relaxing, communicating with nature. I really like to travel! It's an inspiration! But sometimes I also need time for myself. I usually spend it reading, studying, dreaming, developing some skills, planning my week, cleaning the flat, cooking.

It's extremely important to be in a harmony with all people around me and with my own thoughts and feelings. Work is of course relevant for our living, but a job should be a pleasure. And everything that you are surrounded by should also bring enjoyment. If it is not, so change it! Life is one and it's not so long, so ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

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