Homemade Butter! What???

Yes!!! Okay yes, I am way too excited about making butter. No doubt. This is so easy. I can see why ladies use to do this. Of course, they didn't have a stand mixer by Kitchen Aide. They had fantastic arm muscles because they had to churn butter by hand. NO thank you, I will keep my Kitchen Aide. This took me twenty minutes of rare hands-on time and they spent hours. Again, I will keep my Kitchen Aide.

There are other ways to make butter by hand. You can put the cream and seasonings in a jar and shake it for all you are worth.  It's interesting to see videos of people sharing memories about watching their grandma make butter.  Don't get me wrong, I have memories of my Grandams that I would trade for anything. The image of her at the breakfast table with her make up on before anyone got up. Grandams' generation you don't go to the breakfast table without being put together. Fully dressed, hair did, and make-up on. 

Back to butter, when you first put the heavy cream in that is when you should add whatever seasonings you're going to use. As it whips up you will see it hit the whipped topping stage. Keep the machine running until you see the solids and the liquids separate. Once this happens you have butter. Remove it from the bowl and rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. Then put in a mold if you have them, if not, then store it in a container. I used ours to pour over popcorn. It was delicious. 

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