Klayar Beach paradise for nature lovers

Klayar Beach paradise for nature lovers

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Klayar Beach 

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Indonesia's beach tourism does have a variety of extraordinary beauty, besides that we can enjoy the natural atmosphere that is so natural. Located in the eastern province of Indonesia, called Pacitan, this beach is famous for the KLAYAR BEACH.

Beach Location 

Beach Location

Klayar Beach itself has very blue sea water and very large waves, so visitors are not allowed to swim. The beach is decorated with coconut trees and huts roofed with dry leaves, as well as the reefs that are close to the shoreline are still maintained by nature,

Natural Corals

  Besides the beach Klayar also has white sand, and also a row of coral cliffs, then on the east side there is a giant coral-like spink. I think Klayar-Indonesia beach is the right choice for your vacation both domestic and foreign.

Even though it's quite far, the charm of Klayar beach will pay off when we spend time on the trip.

Beach Lips 

But unfortunately to get to this beach, transportation facilities to reach the tourist attraction of Klayar beach only exist in the morning. But it would be nice if we want to linger or spend our nights using private vehicles.

Entering the Klayar beach area you will be charged an entrance fee of 8000 IDR / adult 6000 IDR / children. and vehicles 5,000 IDR / Motorcycle, 10,000 IDR / car

White sand 

Klayar Beach is one of the most special natural attractions, many of the photos are very desirable, the big waves give Susana a very natural nature, and we can also enjoy what I am on the Klayar beach.

Coral Hole

Moments of togetherness while bathing on the beach 

Beach Atmosphere Portraits 

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