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News Update Communities 4th Edition | Communities with the Most Pending Rewards, Most Subscribers, Active Posters and Newest Communities

Last week I published the 3rd News Update Communities or you can view it here News Update Communities 3rd Edition | Communities with the most pending rewards, Most Subscribers, Active Posters and Newest Communities. In the 4th I again present the latest information on the Steemit Platform community, this post is more concentrated on updated information about the Community, the latest Issues and other information that is informative and educative. I like posts like this, because essentially updated information is not only new knowledge for me as a writer, but should be a reference for other users.

News Update communities 4th Edition.png

In the regional regulation post I raised several topics, including:

1. The Community with the Largest Pending Rewards

As in the table below, you will be able to see the order of the communities in order of the highest pending rewards, to the lowest. But in this section I only protect the 10 communities with the highest Pending rewards.

Num Community Pending Reward Admin
1 SCT.암호화폐.Crypto 19,486 @sct
2 আমার বাংলা ব্লগ 7,848 @rme
3 zzan 7,561 @zzan
4 Korea • 한국 • KR • KO 5,184 @jaydih
5 WORLD OF XPILAR 4,150 @xpilar
6 CybeRN 3,086 @cyberrn
7 Steem Venezuela 2,638 @edlili24
8 Comunidad Latina 2,543 @ecosynthesizer
9 SteemitCryptoAcademy 2,200 @steemcurator01
10 Steem POD Team 1,763 @cryptokannon

Pending Rewards are closely related to the number of curations received by users in the community, so the greater the number of curations obtained, the greater the pending rewards in the community.

2. The Community With the Most Subscribers

The high number of subscribers is influenced by the credibility of the community, the high number of subscribers indicates that the community is most favored by users so that they compete to become part of the community (member). In this topic, I will show 5 communities with the highest number of subscribers. Here's a list of tables.

Num Community Most Subscribers Admin
1 Newcomers' Community 29,390 @cryptokannon
2 DTube 19,884 @dtube
3 WORLD OF XPILAR 17,950 @xpilar
4 SteemitCryptoAcademy 16,189 @steemcurator01
5 SteemFoods 16,185 @alikoc07
3. The Community With the Active Poster

Here are the Communities with the most Active Posters and I present the 5 communities with the most Active Posters.

Num Community Active Poster Admin
1 WORLD OF XPILAR 466 @xpilar
2 WhereIN 446 @iguazi123
3 SCT.암호화폐.Crypto 365 @sct
4 Steem Venezuela 350 @edlili24
5 Comunidad Latina 336 @ecosynthesizer
4. The Community With the Newest Communities

Here are the newest Communities and I'm showing 5 communities.
Community Admin
1 Palabras de Vida @jesusjacr
2 Like my choice @azizul00
3 UPVU Exclusive @greece-lover
4 SteemLove @macbit
5 curtinmauritius @doseofserotonin

I plan to publish about weekly community updates, both the latest issues and other informative and educational information. Thank you to the steemit team for the support so far.

This is #04 (March 30, 2022) of this daily news service

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