Showcase Sunday- Greatest hits and B-sides - video

For showcase Sunday and inspired by @nonamelefttouse , this week I would like to show you some of the videos which I posted already on Steem. Some of these were posted to Dtube but have disappeared due to not being watched enough, (I think). So, until the new Dtube gets up and running correctly I will post the links from Youtube.
I am very excited about Dtube and what it can bring to the Steem blockchain but, it isn't there yet. Having a decentralised video sharing platform which will allow us to monetise our work for years to come is great. What has been happening for content creators on Youtube with getting demonitised and censored opens up great opportunities for Dtube and Steem as far as on-boarding is concerned but, I digress

Ammonite TV

Over the years, as well as being a sculptor I have had a big passion for making video work and have shot many Documentary, short film and Video art projects. These are just a small sample as I have yet to upload and document them all. They are of varying quality and some of them embarrassingly bad but each has a special place in my heart as it was part of my learning how to express myself through moving images. I think the best way to learn anything is by playing around and seeing what works. I could have gone to film school for many years and learned the easy way but for me I knew this would never be my career and I was happy to keep it a hobby.

One of my very early Super 8 movies of one of my early sand sculpture projects. It has a 'Wonder Years' atmosphere and is really just a precious memory from my past that I wanted to share from the project. I made some great friendships there that I still have to this day and you can read all about it here

Cool carvings

This is a documentary that Niall Magee and myself shoot of one of our first attempts at ice sculpture in the Siberian Arctic of Russia. Trying to make a sculpture and a documentary in these temperatures was pretty extreme. A lot of effort went into it's production and happily it paid off as we were able to sell it to a TV station here in Ireland. more about the sculpture here*

Lauren Begone Pillow TalkAgain, having fun in the evenings with some sand sculptor friends. We decided to put together a little music video for a song that was going video that was made during th courtship of me and my beautiful wife. I will post more about it someday.

Pillow Talk

Again, having fun in the evenings with some sand sculptor friends. We decided to put together a little music video for a song that was going around my head at the time. A tribute to Doris Day and again me trying to learn film making in my own way. I explain more here


Complete and utter nonsense but I just need to get it out there rather than have it sitting on my harddrive. I had wanted to expenite

light sabers and having a few friends willing to act (badly) for me set this short clip in motion. I posted about it here

So there you have it, Some of my video work. There will be more coming up when I get to them but these are from the very early days. I learned so much from making them and as time went on I could put it the good use when working with professional actors and crew but I have yet to share those project so stay tuned.
Enjoy your Sunday

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These videos are fire. Well produced. Good stuff. I had no idea you did this kind of stuff.

29.09.2019 12:27

I try to do anything to keep the creative brain cells from going rusty. I really enjoy making movies but it is a long process and financially I've had to give it a break while I'm raising my son. One day I will go back to it, I'm sure.

29.09.2019 20:33

We all know you got those creative brain cells 😊✨🌹✨

02.10.2019 17:13

Thanks you really make me blush. Great to see you here.

05.10.2019 19:49

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