Duncannon 2019 - sand sculpture (preview)

Due to popular demand... (Well, one or two readers asked me), here are some more images of last weeks sculpture I made in Duncannon, Ireland. I am going to wait till the dust has settled and this sculpture comes up in the Chronologhy of how i am documenting my work to do a fuller post about the sculpture and the project in general but for now i wanted to just show how the whole sculpture turned out.

The main part of the sculpture represented the marriage of Strongbow (A Norman knight) and Aoife ( A daughter of the deposed king of Leinster) Aoife's Da, Dermot MacMurrough asked Strongbow to help claim back the kingdom and Aoife was thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Strongbow is shown in typical dress for the time and holds a ring in his hand. I choose to have the figures sitting because the sand is not the strongest and having them sit I could make their scale much bigger.

Aoife was carved in a very simple wedding dress and her hair flowing in a nearly supernatural way as it tries to support her face. Unfortunately, women don't usually have beards.
In the background we can see the bride and grooms side off in the distance quite separate but in the middle some of them are starting to mingle and show affection for each other representing the way the two clans were coming together.

On the back I made the Celtic and Norse designs weaving together as the Norse and Irish cultures combined creating the new Ireland con Norses.

I'm in no way a historian so take the content of this sculpture with a grain of salt, or sand if you wish.

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Wonderful work Mr. Ammonite, sir. I love the design on the back. Great idea.

07.08.2019 13:48

Thank you Deirdy.

09.08.2019 21:21

So great to see it all completed, you done such a wonderful job and I love how you created both the Celtic and Norse symbols weaving together to represent the two cultures intertwined.

07.08.2019 14:46

Thanks @trucklife-family. I really enjoyed making this piece and learning more about my culture.

09.08.2019 21:22

Funny and Fabulous! Love the sculptures and the way you present them.

07.08.2019 14:57

Thank you so much. I am really enjoying this project of documenting my work. It is a nice addition to my sculpting.

09.08.2019 21:23

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07.08.2019 22:22

Loving it so far, Daniel :) It really is a nice idea to do the longer posts from time to time just to capture the scale and different angles and faces of your sculpts :)

That detailing with the weaving together of the Celtic and Nordic knots is just wonderful <33333

08.08.2019 05:11

The knot work came in a flash of inspiration. I needed to cover a big area and only had one day with lots of chatting to the audience. With these posts I just wanted to give a quick impression I will revisit this sculpture one day in a post and tell the whole story. Thanks @veryspider

09.08.2019 21:29


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