Flowers Photography Contest Week-1 In SteemLions Held by @amjadsharif

Greetings to all friends and community members,
I have good news for you that #SteemLions is going to start a contest and all the steemains are invited to participate in this contest.

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As we all know, many communities are holding contests and giving prizes to the winners. #SteemLions has also decided to distribute prizes in the days of ' covid-19'.

About Contest

I am admin #steemlions decided to held a contest Flowers Photography all steemains can participate in this contest and win rewards.

Follow These Rules to Participate

Who is eligible for this contest, Read the rules below and must follow them.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Write your own words between 50 to 100.
  • Photographs must be original and your own ( You can capture the picture of flowers with a mobile camera or another camera)
    Reminded, you can not edit the picture in any software.
  • Upvote and restreem this post.
  • Upload a minimum of 2 pictures of different flowers.
  • Must add these tags #steemlionscontest-w1 other tags #steemexclusive #Pakistan ( your country tag ) #steemlions #photography
  • Write in your Title " Flowers Photography Contest Week-1 In SteemLions Held by @amjadsharif "
  • Don't forget to paste your contest post link under this post's comments.

Prizes for Winners

Winners Prizes
1st & 2nd Prize 3 steem/ Each
3rd & 4th Prize 2 steem/ Each
We decided to distribute the prize among 4 winners total of 10 steem.
Number of Winners Total Prizes
4 Winners 10 Steem

Important Note

You can submit your contest post till 16/05/2021.

Special Mention @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

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Comments 33

Really good contest..... I will join Tomorrow

10.05.2021 19:08


14.05.2021 05:43

Very extraordinary contests, I will definitely follow.

10.05.2021 19:13

This is a very interesting contest, I hope this contest goes well

10.05.2021 19:14

Good content.You are really hard working for community of steem lions.I will take part in the content tomorrow.Insha Allah.



10.05.2021 19:41

great contest, I really like it, I hope the contest goes well

10.05.2021 20:12

@amjadsharif really good contest- W1

Thank you so much.

11.05.2021 02:15

NiiI am very happy to join this community, its a great contest, i will participate too

this is my participation link

11.05.2021 13:58

Hi Fyi,

This is an amazing job and I participated in this contest so I add my post. My entry is here.

12.05.2021 20:25

Excelente concurso

12.05.2021 20:57

Gracias por este concurso, porque nos permite conocer la gran variedad de flores existente en el mundoón-del-emperador-flor-de-morton-y-flor-de-nacar-en-steemlions-organizado.

12.05.2021 23:33

Hello everybody, here is my entry for this contest.


Thanks a lot dear @amjadsharif for this amazing contest.

12.05.2021 23:55

I am very thankful to brother Amjad for organizing the competition in our community so that we can share the beauty of our area with the beauty of flowers with our friends and I will do my best to show good performance in this competition. I can do

13.05.2021 13:04

Assalam o Alaikum!Sir .I hope you are well .Thanks for starting the Flower Photography Contest. This is my photography contest link.

13.05.2021 18:47

This is very interesting contest. I join today.

14.05.2021 05:00

Kamal ki post

14.05.2021 05:43

This is really a great contest and it will enhances photography capabilities. My participation in the contest link is here.

14.05.2021 18:53

Assalamu Alaikum you are photo is very beautiful and very nice

16.05.2021 08:06

so intersting contant brother

30.05.2021 02:03