Binance Smart Chain Daily Transactions 200% More Than Ethereum’s

Binance Smart Chain's daily transactions have exploded to the top and are now over 200% above Ethereum.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) enjoys the constant flow of unique addresses. This has also significantly increased the number of daily transactions calculated by the network.


BSC transactions outperform Ethereum by 200%

Binance Smart Chain is arguably one of the most popular networks among DeFi enthusiasts. It is a popular destination for a variety of projects and users because it can handle large numbers of transactions per second properly.

Networks are becoming more and more popular, which is fully reflected in basic indicators, including calculations of daily activities.

As of April 7, 2021, BSC has set a record of over 4 million daily transactions in its current full blockchain transactions. Interestingly, Ethereum is less than 1.3 million, which is a fluctuation of over 200%.

Interestingly, BSC's unique addresses are very small compared to Ethereum's addresses, 63 million compared to 147 million, respectively. This means that BSC users are definitely more efficient than Ethereum users.

Main Causes of High Ethereum Fees

Although BSC itself is a highly competitive network, its rapid rise and rising popularity are most likely due to high transaction costs on Ethereum.

At the time of this writing, the fees paid to BSC for deposits in these ETHs are completely incomparable. This deal can cost an average of $ 18.5 on Ethereum at the time of writing but can cost a few cents on BSC. The difference is important and makes network communication more effective and efficient.

Moreover, apart from the daily increase, BSC has been operating at 52% capacity since yesterday. Ethereum, on the other hand, continues to shut down and operates at 98.65% power.

Ethereum 2.0 is believed to solve current measurement problems. However, before reaching the light, the 2D separation solution must provide room for breathing.
As reported, Vitalik Buterin said the network could "grow 100-fold in a few months."

It's interesting that competing networks work and Ethereum can meet current challenges.

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