How this jump changed me and my way of experiencing things.

This where i stand, above 170 meters high narrow gorge over raging bhotekoshi river in the high mountain of Nepal. I stand with my shaking legs over the jump deck of the suspended bridge over the gorge. Behind me is the person holding my ropes and ready to push me over. I look down, try to focus but the height and the doubt starts to kick in the brain,my heart starts to beat as if to explode out of my chest. I hear my friends and some people waiting for the turn cheering and shouting in the background. I took a deep breath gathering all the courage that i had.I hear from behind " are you ready"
Three, two, one bungee !!!!!!!

amit pangeni (1).jpg

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amit pangeni (5).jpg
One of the best feelings that i ever had in my life, those few seconds of free fall was worth everything. I cannot express by word how i felt this, my body pumped with adrenaline shouting in top of my lung. I had never done something like this in my life so that i can say that this jump changed me and how i experience things.

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