Forced to return to office, 200 Facebook employees complained.


When the coronavirus spreads around the world, many large organizations arrange home office work for employees. Although the incidence of corona has not decreased, many company workers come to work from home in the new normal life. Again, some organizations run the office in two ways হো home office and office. In the meantime, employees are being forced to go from their homes to their offices to work against any organization. Employees are not interested in working in the office in Corona. Facebook has been accused of forcing workers to return to office.

More than two hundred Facebook workers working in different countries have made this allegation.

The plaintiffs are acting as Facebook's content moderators. From the beginning of Corona till now they were doing office work from home.

The allegations were made in an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and CEO Sheryl Sandberg.

Complainants say Facebook is putting their employees at undue risk for profit. They demanded the authorities to extend the tenure of the home office, risk allowance and some other facilities.

A Facebook spokesperson told the BBC that 15,000 content reviewers were working on Facebook. Most of them are working at home. Authorities put pressure on staff to come to the office and work on some important needs. He said there are allegations that many are working in other places in the name of home office. So many have been asked to come to the office from the home office.


The spokesman said a section of staff working at home had been asked to return to the office. He also called on all to show honesty in discussing the allegations.

Employees say those who have been instructed to go out by doctors cannot work from home. Facebook authorities have suggested that they be paid a risk allowance.

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