Achievement 2 ~~~ @amirhamja79999 ~~~task:Basic security on steemit ~~~ Date :22--05--2021


Assalamu Alaikum
Hello, all steemit members . I hope everyone is very well and doing very working on this platform with attention. And you are achieving success.

Today I'm going to talk to you about all the keys to the steemit, all the keys to their work. I hope everyone will benefit.

So let's start without exaggerating



My Posting Key:

With My Posting key, we can be the first to login our Steemit ID. We can post. With this key we can vote, comment, like in Steemit. Also with this posting key we login to our account. After logging in, I do all kinds of basic replies, posts, comments, group searches, starting from voting. We can also edit, upvote or vote down any of our posts with this posting key. With this posting key we can reset a post. We can follow someone. Another function of posting key is to mute someone. It can be used at work. Through this we can mute a person.

Active key

We use Active Key to transfer SBD to our account. I use Active Key to transfer or sell SBD from one ID to another. We use the active key to power up or down the steam. We use the active key to automatically vote for someone.

Active Key is used to:

  • Transfer tokens.
  • SBD conversion.
  • Vote of witness.
  • Power steem up or down.
  • Place and order on an exchang.
  • Create a new user.
  • Certain profile chang.
  • Publish a witness price feed.


Owner Key

What happened to him is my own key. I can reset through his key. I can change the posting key. If I want to decline any of my posts, then what should I use? What we use to change the ownership of my account.

Memo Key
  • Basically, we use it in the work of the wallet.
  • We have to login again with the memo key and username.
  • Send an encrypted messag.
  • View an encrypted messag.


Master Key

It is most important key among them is master key.This key help us to acquire all others key.This project our ID from others as well as if there is a problem with my ID this key can be used to fix it very quickly and easily .

some question of steemit and answer

Question 01:Have you retrieved all your keys on steemit ?
Ans: Yes I have retrieved all my keys on steemit.

Question 02:Do you know each of this key functions and restriction?
Ans:I there are five different Keys issue and there are different permission to each. I know their functions and restriction.I have learn it very much.

Question 03:How you plan to keep my master passwor?
Ans:I have already copied it out and save my memo and save my google derive where it can be safe and i can only have access it.

Question 04:Do you know how to transfer?
Ans:Yes i do,this action can be done using the active key.It's very easy and i learn it.

Question 05:Do you know how to power up on steem?
Ans:Yes, i do i have gotten so much knowledge that steem is in a liquid from and can be power up to continue building a steem powe.

I hope
I have clearly all about keys

Especially thank you @cryptokannon
@steemcurator03 @tarpan

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