WaykiChain and its decentralized forex market application.

Dear readers, as I mentioned before it is necessary to publicize the projects that look promising, that is why we will continue talking about WaykiChain, taking into account that this project will be used by different users in the world, and that all use different fiat currencies, it is focused on providing a solution to all users that allows converting different fiat currencies between them and in addition to this the system will serve for users who need currency transactions and cross-border remittances.

On the other hand, the forex system established will allow receivers for several currencies, any user can become a receiver if they wish, on the platform you can use the WUSD stablecoin to buy assets or withdraw cash, of course the movements with WUSD will be registered in the blockchain, which guarantees transparency in every movement that is made. The platform ensures that currency exchange and cross-border remittances are faster and more convenient for users, in addition to this they guarantee that the process is fully transparent and is very secure and easy to track.

The project also guarantees the following:

Unlike traditional forex platforms, WaykiChain does not charge management fees, traders can select their exchange rate and the range of fluctuations. Finally, the actual price will be close to the officially published rate, since, the market will eliminate the quoted exchange rate that exceeds the market rate since the blockchain data is systematically self-verified and recorded, identity verification is not required, data collection by regulatory authorities and reporting by companies are not necessary. This will significantly reduce reduce regulatory costs and increase organizational efficiency.

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