Monday Missions Entry! My 2020 Expectations! Starting Off Really Well!

Let The Journey Begin!

I have to say that 2020 has started off really well. Putting things in place and working out things to get to the goals I have set for myself. It is not going to be an easy year but it will be a journey and not a race. Things are already falling in place for me to meet my goals. Some of it is due to friends here Steemit.

Building My Steem Account!

I am learning more about how to format my posts and make them more interesting and making them look better. That is a big thing for me as I suffer from PTSD and it makes remembering things hard for me and also lack of concentration. I just keep at it and it will work out, small steps at a time.

I have had two friends on Steemit delegate SP to me to help me build my account, one even sent some liquid Steem for me to use to power up my account. A big shoutout and thank you to @balticbadger and @freedomring for helping me work to reach this goal. My expectation for this goal is to be a 1000-1200 SP by this time next year. It will be not an easy task but with contests and some of the communities and all my friends here on Steemit upvoting my content, I hope to reach that goal and with some luck, go over that goal!

Getting Out To See Historical Sites!

My wife and I sit down and talked about this and have been for a couple of months working to figure it all out. My expectation there will be a couple of months to get out there and start traveling. I will start in my minivan, was not going to do it this way but we wanted to make sure before spending the money to get something bigger that I could do this with the problems with my knees and other medical problems. I can set the minivan up with the bare essentials and get started. This is also one thing I will be using to make content for Steemit and other platforms which will help my Steemit account grow.

Getting Healthy And Losing Some Weight!

This is the hardest one of all the goals I have for 2020! Moving around with all of the medical problems I have is the hardest thing to figure out. If I was to lose weight it would help with some of the problems I have. The goal and really the expectation I have is to lose 50 to 75 pounds in the year 2020. I guess you might say, that is not a lot but trying to do this will be a real challenge for me, as I like to get and most of it is not really eating for weight loss. LOL. So I started there and tried to create a realist goal. If I lose more than that is great but if I can reach that then I am doing good. Again, it is all baby steps, to high a goal is unrealistic and will be discouraging if it is not reached. Losing some weight will make it easier to get out and get the traveling done that I want to do.

As you should see here, I tied my goals together so one goal helps me reach the next goal. That was the purpose here. Getting out traveling lets me see things I want to see and also lets me make content for Steemit to help build my account. Getting out and moving while doing this also helps me with the activity to help me lose weight, as money will be for other things, buying food from the grocery store and not fast food will be healthier in changing eating habits and helps with the medical problems. It will make medical problems easier to deal with as I get older.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a great day/night, whatever it is in their part of the world.

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Sounds like you have some great plans and goals for the upcoming year!!!
I wish all the happiness and success!

07.01.2020 10:47

I am hoping everything works out as I am putting a lot of effort into this.
Thanks for reading and I hope things are good with you!

07.01.2020 15:08

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07.01.2020 22:59

Woof... that is a great deal of weight to lose! Definitely the hardest of the bunch to do... but if it is better for your health, then definitely it is a great idea to stick to!

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08.01.2020 14:38

Saw this on #PYPT good luck & much success to you!! 😊😊

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09.01.2020 16:22

@ambiguity congrats on the delegations and progress. Best of luck in 2020. Heard this on #pypt

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09.01.2020 16:24

Those are some great goals, for both some mental and physical health! I like the positive attitude you have about it, and setting the goal is the very first start. It was fun to see the energetic conversation on #pypt too; really good and positive. thanks for sharing!

09.01.2020 16:26

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09.01.2020 16:30

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09.01.2020 16:31

Thanks, @ambiguity for presenting this on #pypt @pypt
Always fun to see others looking at their Goals and moving forward!

09.01.2020 16:47

Those are some good and realistic goals! I hope you have achieved all of them by the time this year ends.

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09.01.2020 17:23

I wish you the best for your 2020 expectations!

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

10.01.2020 18:26