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to all my Steam family. I am @alsarzilsiam from Bangladesh. I hope you are all well. Welcome to my another new post. Today I will talk to you about some pictures taken on a rainy day. Before I start, I would like to say that everyone should be careful and follow the hygiene rules to prevent corona. It has been raining continuously for some time in our Nilphamari. I can't go out of the house in this rain and I can't take new pictures. So I thought I would share with you some pictures of my garden wet in the rain.

Let's get started.


Photographer Location Device
@alsarzilsiam My Sweet Home Redmi Note 8

Picture 📸 No- 1


  • In this rain many new tree stalks come out. My rose tree has new branches and new leaves. The new leaves soaked in the rain look nice. Raindrops have created newness in the branches and leaves of new trees.

Picture 📸 No- 2


  • The beauty of the rose tree is the flower of the rose tree. Roses are not so good on rainy days but it is very beautiful to see roses on rainy days. How many roses soaked in rain water look so beautiful.

Picture 📸 No- 3


  • Now the picture you see is a sunflower seedling. I planted many sunflower seedlings in my garden. Now they are starting to grow. Wet in rain water they are growing faster.

Picture 📸 No- 4


  • This tree is known to many of us. It is locally called basil leaf tree. Every Hindu house has such a basil tree. It is a very useful tree. Many types of medicines are made from this work. It is known as medicinal plant.

Picture 📸 No- 5


  • Mango tree is known to almost everyone in Bangladesh. Mango is very tasty to eat. At that time new mango leaves came out. Mango leaves soaked in rain water look very nice.

Picture 📸 No- 6


  • There are many more medicinal plants in my garden. Patharkuchi is one of them. The leaves of this tree are eaten as sherbet as it has many medicinal properties. The page looks so beautiful. All the sand has been removed from the leaves in the rainy wind.

Picture 📸 No- 7


  • There are many types of lemon trees in the house. But it is different in him. Its lemons are much smaller and are called Chinese lemons. Lemon is a lot like orange. It can be eaten raw and when the fruit ripens it is like an orange.

Picture 📸 No- 8


  • If there is a belly flowering tree, no more trees are needed in the garden. The whole garden was filled with its fragrance. Of all the flowers in Bangladesh, the scent of Billy flowers is used as the most fragrant.

Picture 📸 No- 9


  • Jamrul fruit is not very tasty to eat, but it has a lot of energy with nutrition. This fruit is found almost everywhere in Bangladesh. This is a tree in our home garden. There are a lot of big jamrul on the tree And it is a very nutritious fruit.

Picture 📸 No- 10


  • The tops on which these trees grow are tied with ropes and hung in one place. It looks very beautiful and this flower blooms again day and night. So it is the fruit of time flower.

Thank you so much for reading my post. Wishing everyone good health, I ended up here today. Everyone will be fine.
**Specially thanks👇🏻

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