Russia's temperature is -20-30 degrees, why do girls wear skirts? Has nothing to do with beauty

In addition to the scary low temperature in most areas of Russia, one thing that everyone knows well is that this country is rich in beauty. Russian beauty is not only fair-skinned and tall, but also generally has a high face value, and is a woman in the world who can meet both the eastern and western aesthetics. However, a strange phenomenon in Russia is that no matter how low the temperature, Twenty to thirty degrees, Russian girls still like skirts.da0f4e29cbed4ddb9305e09a6d48472e.jpg
If you come forward and ask them why? Although most of them will answer: This looks more beautiful, but the real reason is not the case, why is that? Let's take a look together.

Due to its unique geographical location, Russia's large territories are in colder regions, which has also led to the failure of Russia's agriculture to develop, and because of the exclusion of European countries, it cannot be integrated into the Atlantic economic circle. It is difficult for Russia to rely on commerce and trade to accumulate domestic wealth when developing its economy.980e625e59134e26b6605f0caba96dfe.jpg
It was not until the emergence of a female emperor named Ekaterina II in Russian history that Russia was rescued from this predicament and brought Russia to its heyday, and it so happened that the emperor liked to wear very much Skirts, so under Russian influence, many Russian beauties have begun to wear skirts.

Due to her birth, Russia has gradually developed into a power on the European continent, and has gradually entered the ranks of the great powers, and the emperor has also become a generation of lords in the hearts of the Russians. In her concept, women wear skirts and men wear dresses in the same sense, and both are a way of showing respect to others.
Her understanding has gradually affected some Russian women's understanding. Therefore, in Russia, women don't wear skirts for beauty, but sometimes to express respect and etiquette.

And because they have lived in such an environment since childhood, most of them have been accustomed to this severe cold weather, so it seems that there is nothing unusual in wearing a skirt in winter. Although they sometimes wear trousers, if they want to attend some important festivals or banquets, they often choose to wear skirts to attend the meeting, because only in this way, they will not appear rude to the people on the scene Disrespect and other issues.
So even at minus 20-30 degrees, most girls in Russia still put on a boot and a short skirt. Regarding this, the Internet ca n’t help but marvel: “The fighting nation is really extraordinary! Even so cold The weather can also be worn so refreshingly, regardless of the severe cold of the climate, it is simply a "frozen" beauty.

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