New Graphics From Old Sketches

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And more fun with GIF's

Dancing girl

Even though my pc is very new, I'm already noticing the directories are starting to get messy... the reason for this is mainly because I save first and think (where'd i save that?) later but never-mind... I've spent the past day or so sorting through my files and trying to make some sense of it all.

Photos and graphics were some of the first folders I peeked through and as you do... I got distracted and started thinking about how I could use some old sketches to create new graphics?

Of course, I decided to make another GIF with the source artwork being a rough pen drawing that I'd sketched really quickly from about a year ago.

Anyhoo, I've got a a few more of these same style of sketches so now I'm wondering what else can I do with them?

hmmm... the cogs are ticking lol

Hope everyone enjoyed (or is enjoying) their break.

Until next time... xxx

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I'm guilty of the same thing. 😝
Now I'm trying to be more organised. Let's see how it goes.

02.01.2020 10:47

Hi trincowski, sorry for my late reply but my computer decided to play up again (sigh) but yes, I'm also trying to be more organised, cause you never know, I might even be able to find that game again one day... lol

15.01.2020 00:34