Don't Ever Eat These 3 Foods At Night, They Can Harm Your Health

Man survives on food. It has been like that since the time of early man. Food gives us both strength to carry out our functions and also nourishment to help our bodies develop and grow. That means that our health depends a lot on what we it. If we eat healthy foods we certainly going to be healthy. And ultimately we get to live longer and happier lives.
Another food factor that affects our health is the time we eat. Many people do not know about this, but there are certain foods that will prove hazardous to our health if eaten at certain times in the day. You are going to read about three of such foods. So never ever eat the following foods at night if you want to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary health complications.

3. Bananas

Every one loves bananas. They are good energy-givers and they relieve heart-burn. Experts have warned that it is dangerous to eat bananas at night. That's because eating bananas at night can cause cold and cough and mucus formation. Experts also warn that you should never eat bananas on an empty stomach, as they can cause stomach disorders. Bananas are best eaten during the day. They will aid food digestion and energy giving.

2. Rice

Rice is a healthy food. It has so many health benefits, for example, it prevents obesity, controls our blood pressure, and also prevents cancer, it also boosts metabolism and improves our digestion system.
But according to experts it is wrong to eat rice at night, because rice contains a lot of starch and if you eat it at night, you may feel bloated and have trouble sleeping. Also since it takes a long time to digest, eating rice at night can cause weight gain or obesity which shortens the lifespan.

1. Sugar

You should avoid eating any food that contain processed sugar at night. This is because it can cause weight gain or increase in body fat, which can lead to obesity. And obesity itself can cause diseases like high blood pressure, stoke etc which can shorten you life span.
So to stay healthy and live longer, you must avoid consuming the above listed foods at night. Thanks for reading. Like and share to others. Also follow me for more interesting articles.

N.B: Though these pieces health advice have been proven by experts, you can still do further research on your own to be double sure.

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I have problem skin. I read at that bacteria are very fond of sugar and thanks to it they multiply. So I decided to limit sugar in my diet.

01.04.2021 09:48