Walking Home With Hyped Grandsons

Yesterday we were a bit busy preparing for the birthday of my grandson. He turned 6 today maybe I can write about the simple celebration next time but for now I just want to think about and recall this moment I spent with the two of them walking back to their house.
Kids this age are very active and never run out of energy it seems. Made me wishing that I have the same level of energy now that I am not getting any younger. I miss those moments when I can cook everything on my own for a small group of people like this birthday celebration for my grandson. But I can no longer do that. I just assisted my daughter while she took the lead.

I may no longer be as tough as before but no regrets, I can now spend my energy wisely by bonding with these boys. Their endless energy is inspiring and contagious. I had fun walking with them and having small conversations in the process I also learn from them

Thank you for dropping by. Cheers

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Heypi bertdey to you

13.12.2019 14:15

Salamat daw ng marami

17.12.2019 16:11

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