The Jeepney, An Iconic Vehicle Of The Philippines

a jeepney only in the Philippines

Yesterday we visited a close relative that we miss so badly and who is in need of our presence. I would not be talking about that but this vehicle behind me.

This is a jeepney which is our main means of transportation here in the Philippines. This can accommodate more passengers than another local popular means of transportation we call tricycle. Both are iconic and unique types of vehicles found only here. I blurred out some details on the jeepney because we just hired it so we can visit a relative. The road and the place we went to is kind of muddy and rocky so we didn't bother bring a car and a jeepney is just the right type of vehicle
A jeepney is a name derived from the Jeep. The Americans had an airbase here and during the war they had plenty of Jeeps. When the Americans left we had a surplus of the said vehicle and local folks converted them to what we now call the jeepney. These are no longer the original Jeep but mere inspiration. Lately the government released a newer version of the jeepney but they are bigger like buses and are quite modern. We were known for the jeepney and changing how they look does not sit well with my opinion.

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