Shadow Selfie


Another fun way to take a selfie is by Shadow Selfie - - allysin19

You need to be creative and explore possibilities to create interesting shapes this could not be easy than you may think. A flat 2D shape with one color? Even the best filter may not produce a good result unless you take the best shapes or silhouettes. Photo 1 I was just standing looking on my phone screen but the position and shape of my left arm made it a bit interesting. Photo 2 same standing position but with a slight angle to the right while holding a pair of sunnies. That tells a new story now.

It was fun taking shadow selfies. Why not give it a try my steemit friends and tag it #shadowselfie and have fun just like me
A bonus photo from where I took my shadow selfie

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12.12.2019 16:38

Ganda naman diyan

12.12.2019 17:47