Draw A Character 01: Froglie

froglie 1.png


Froglie is an amphibian looking new character that I designed. She loves to keep herself cute and well kept so she can attract the male counterpart of her kind. I call her Froglie because she looks like a frog with a bit of a salamander. One distinguishing physical feature she has is the pair of outgrowths on head that looks like pig tails.

Here are some of the steps in making Froglie:

I usually start with a pair of eyes and then go from there
froglie 2.png
The image is already complete at this stage. I already like what I am seeing which is good. That means I can now focus on the colors and shadings.
froglie 3.png
Just to give you an idea I create another layer of line drawing to finalize the image. When I do that normally no more revision is necessary. Here I balanced the cuteness with some fierceness by adding two exposed teeth in front of the mouth.
froglie 4.png
I want to combine several colors for the base like blue, green, pink and so on. It does not matter if they go well together because that is the challenge I want to impose on myself. That is how I want this character and future ones that I will make along this line. All of them should show a few colors combined.
froglie 5.png
The final touches will be shadows or highlights.
froglie 6.png
Thank you very much for reading my post and taking the time to support and give it a heart. Cheers.

Draw a character is a quick doodle drawing that I do on my free time using a simple android drawing application on my phone. I do this in one sitting and may take from 1 minute to a maximum of 20 minutes just to keep me busy. I try to finish in that short period of time otherwise, I will not be able to accomplish anything.

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