Christmas Picnic Party With High School Friends From Way Back

It is good to connect and meet with some high-school friends. Thanks to the ease of communication made possible by today's technology we now can keep in touch whenever and wherever we are. Yesterday we had this Christmas picnic party. Thankfully this was pushed through even if we are less than 15 attendees not bad for people who are busy and live far from each other
taken at the Clark Picnic Ground Pampanga
some take out food
The preparation didn't have to be big a grab and go food is what we shared together unlike on previous years everyone is excited about cooking their own but we realised it is much less stressful if we buy just take out food
clear day and lush green ground
What matters is the relaxing green place under the shady trees and nice sunshine. Hearing about friends and endless conversations too. Next thing we know it is time to go. Such a short time too many stories to tell and listen too.
quick selfie before leaving
Hoping for more bonding opportunities with good friends.

Thank you for dropping by

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09.12.2019 17:39

Goodness, I have not seen any friends from school since I left! Looks like you had a great meetup! Love what you did with the photos!!!

09.12.2019 21:00

Yes it was great to meet up with old friends it was nice to reminisce the old memories. Thank you for dropping by I appreciate it

10.12.2019 11:13

Sabi na picnic ground to

12.12.2019 17:47