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Aslamo alaikum everyone Welcome to my post This
is sunday. I hope you are all be well and spending your time and days enough happy . we should always be Thankful God which gives us all needs.
Openings part I am a learner of KV Higher coming after first or chief school, haldwani . On 11 January 2021, my friends came to my house . They forced me to order for an outdoor meal . I became ready to make a good road-map of work .



orders Every one of us gave 200 rupees for getting something for money necessary things . On the coming here-after day, we got up early in the morning . Then we started on 2-wheelers in the direction of the river Ganges . We all collect moneyto get the cakes bread corma biryani and chiken prokra etc were we take with us.




Pleasure After half a hour we got to Rajghat narora . Then we got use of person for money a boat . We placed all the units in it . The getting the boat forward of the boat gave us much pleasure . My friend ramesh began to give a song his specially supported song hum dur chale duniya Sea . We all had amusement, we got pleasure out of every momentum three . After some time I began to give an account of the greatly respected story of Sind ravi, The sailor . My friends liked it .



Then we self-control some pieces of wood . We got ready tea . The food, drink was was in prison by Harish and Mahesh . We were all in a happy, good humored condition of mind .

After some time, We played at cards . ramesh played on his piano . His music was very quite good, Everybody liked it .

Mahesh came before the law to copy rough animals, his operation was special . Sometimes he cried like a small, long-eared horse-like animal, sometimes he said in loud, rough voice like a great cat of Africa . certainly, He is a chief of his art . not any of us could copy him .


Reasoned opinion at about 04:pm. We returned home . Everybody was happy . All of us got pleasure out of the day very much . My friends appreciated the road-map of work . They praised me for making quite good arrangements for the outdoor meal.

I hope that you like my post and give correct imagination right suggestions.this was my whole day story that l discussed with all you guys.
Take care yourself and good luck.
Thanks so much.
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Assalamualaikum bhai jaan your group photo is very beautiful and very nice

09.05.2021 06:53