Finding peace in your family

During the week, you may find it difficult to find peace at home and in the family. Pay particular attention to home accidents! You didn't leave the house without putting out the stove, putting out your cigarette. Fuses can blow out, household appliances can break down. If you are in the process of moving your property may be damaged while moving.


It doesn't seem possible to convince your family anything this week. In particular, you should pay extra attention to your health. This week, you may not have much control over what's happening in your life, events that may develop outside of you, but the focus is on you.

Important business agreements, meetings and discussions may come up this week, where communication issues will come to the forefront in your life. Developments beyond your control in your work environment may disrupt your balance a little. Rumors, period games behind you, because of hostility may be a bit of balance.


Take care not to argue with the people you work with, especially in your work environment. Watch out for your knees, teeth, skin during the week. Especially sunstrokes, burns, dental problems, problems with bones can annoy you.

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