Winners announcement!!

Congratulations to the winners of my last contest!!!

More contests are coming, so stay tuned.

1 SBI Share > @saun (voted:100%, followed, resteemed, commented)

50 GRC > @saun (voted:100%, followed, resteemed, commented)

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I think winner's list is not working fine. I received 50 grc but I never saw my name there :D
Here, is @saun twice...

26.08.2019 15:41

I believe I sent it to S9nsQbHctNFLpTLGGCNzKbgpfMnAfTTWL9, I can check later.

27.08.2019 05:03

Yes, you did, It came perfectly. I just wanted to say I have never seen myself as a "winner" in a post but received 50grc yesterday :)

27.08.2019 06:10

Oh! Gentleman!! @javierf, since English is not my native language. It has happened many time. I commented your address from the post.
I thought It was a rule.
I think I have to write my wallet address?

Please ... Tell me... Friend.

27.08.2019 07:10

@saun: I got no Steem to send you, only GRC. If you dont have GRC wallet, why did you apply for it?
@alkasai: I think it could be implemented some check so as same person is not the winner for both, just to share the prizes :D

27.08.2019 07:59

Well no problem my friend!!
Currently I don't have enough bandwidth to communicate! Its all my fault.

I am still thankful to you and @alkasai that you told me first. But I apologize Gentleman @alkasai for minute disturbance.

It's all my time's fault this year.
I will take care regarding this next time!

Thank you!

27.08.2019 08:15

The check is easy to implement, but that's by design. You can win both prizes as they are independent, since not everyone has a GRC wallet.

27.08.2019 11:45

Thanks Gentleman! @alkasai.
I am so happy today. Moreover Is there any kind of problem related to GRC!

@javierf congratulations..Friend. @javierf I do not know where to check GRC!

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27.08.2019 02:05