Binaural Meditation for women during Intense Menstruation - Releasing cramps

I haven't fully introduced myself in my very 1st post, today on 5 Jan 2020.
I am an Advocate for Woman's Empowerment. I create space where women can remember who they are, what power they carry and how they can be supportive for themselves and their families at the same time, without draining.

I will be sharing SO MUCH wise medicine for women here. And now I want to introduce you to one of my gifts, I am grateful for. This is guiding deep meditative visualization journeys for women, for different purposes.

I have created this video and received tremendous responses from women on youtube, and this is what they say:

Lauren Himsel
"Aliya, I followed this video and just woke up from the deepest meditation in my entire life. Thank you for sharing you healing words. I’m sitting here like a zombie because the meditation and nap was a spiritual workout and it wore me out!! Haha!
I have hypothyroidism, PCOS and kidney stones - all adrenal issues. My body has been screaming at me for my whole life. I felt like I finally attended to those areas during this meditation.
I have been learning how to lean in and learn how to care for her. I had been needed to learn how to stop and listen. This video was a divine appointment that I had been putting off. Thank you for guiding me through this process and for putting me in connection to the earth for my healing.
I am so so grateful for you and your gift! Thank you! Sending you much love sister! ❤️🙏 I just subscribed to your channel. I look forward to following you."

Tereza Molitor
"You are absolutely amazing ! :) I thought I am going to die from pain but then I found this gift, and I fell asleep during the meditation and woke up without any pain !!! Highly recommend <3"

michelle romano
Thank you so much. My cramps are gone. It works. Power of LOVE is healing. Blessings to you & all women.
Angels of Healing love & light. Blessings

Menstruation is a taboo today! Despite all technological progress and achievements we have as human beings, we still feel shame and awkwardness around the most natural thing in women.
And due to this monthly flow you and me are actually alive!! Can you imagine that!!!

It is high time for us women to remember that our bodies are Temples and we need to relearn hot to honor it.
When we honor ourselves, our men will honor us.
You cannot bless anyone, until you bless yourself, dear Sister.

The discomfort, pain, cramps - all these symptoms of the cycle can be changed. Think of the pain as of the voice-signal that your body is sending you.
Perhaps, your Womb is saying: "My darling, come back to me. Listen to me. I love you. I am loyal to you, not matter how you treat me, whether you accept me or not. I love you and will serve you. I am longing to reconcile with you. I want to have the most honest relations with you. Come back home!"

When you are on your period, gift yourself a Me-Time to retreat, rest, recharge. YOU DESERVE IT.
And then after such Pause during month, you will see how your performance can improve on so many levels.

I will be sharing more wisdom about Womb and Menstruation - as these are the key of my teachings.

BLESSED WOMAN, I embrace you!


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