Lets learn more about different aspects of art - Information for kids

Everywhere you look around you, you will see different colours.  Colours makes life more interesting and can even have an influence on our moods.  

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  • Which colour is your favourite colour and why?
  • Imagine a picture with a sun, trees, a house, a dog, a family , a road and some flowers. You can colour it ANY colour you want - it does not have to look like real life.  This is your imaginary picture.  Draw it the way you see it in your imagination, using any colour you prefer. Make it fun and colourful.

Some colours are very bright and some are dull or soft, but no matter what the colour is, they are all made up of three colours mixed together in different ways.  

These three colours are called primary colours and are red, yellow and blue.

If you mix the primary colours together in certain ways (more or less of the Primary colour) it will form new colours called Secondary colours.  For example If you mix blue and yellow together you will have green,  The more yellow you add, the lighter the green will become.


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  • Choose any 5 Secondary colours from the wheel and explain which colours you will have to mix to get that colour.  If you have paint you can do this as an activity.
  • You can also play the games on http://www.colorwithleo.com/art_colorwheel.php

Elements of art

If you look at a picture you will recognize certain elements.  5 of the art elements are

  • colour
  • line
  • shape
  • tone 
  • texture

We have already read about the colours that can be in a a picture.  The lines can be straight or curved, short or long.


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In a picture you can also find different shapes - It can be shapes with straight edges and some with rounded edges.


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Tone will be the difference between the light and the dark areas in a painting or sketch.


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If you look around you, you will see different textures.  Some are soft and some are rough and hard.   The artist can draw or paint in such a way that you will be able to see the different textures in the art work.


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  • Look at the pictures again and see if you can identify the different elements in each piece of art work.


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Contrast means that there is a difference between two things, like soft and hard and straight and curved or smooth and rough or light and dark.

  • Look at your friend.  Find at least 5 contrast between the two of you.
  • If you look at a drawing or a painting you must be able to see the different contrasts.  Read the examples and either find a picture of the specific contrast or draw it yourself.
  • contrast between colours
  • contrast between straight and curved lines
  • contrast between rough and smooth texture
  • contrast between light and dark
  • contrast between different shape like shapes with straight lines and shapes with curved lines

You can watch the video to learn more about the elements of art

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