Weekly FOOD Contest Awards Increased! TOTAL 120 STEEM AWARDS X3 !

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Hello everyone:

I organized a Weekly Cooking Competition yesterday. I increased our Reward Budget worth a total of 40 Steem x3 times. Currently the total reward is 120 Steem!

Many thanks to the sponsors of the contest: @steemitblog team and @steemcurator01, who helped increase our prize budget triple in this contest.

Many participants in the game Diary share the dishes they prepare in their diaries. Therefore, they can easily participate in the competition by promoting any food they prepare that day. I want you to participate in the growth of the food and culinary community. I would like to add that the amount of awards will increase as it develops over time, and in the future, the curation team of @steemitblog has a chance to support your publications by voting.

After the Increase of the Award; How will the prize distribution be?

5 Steems will be given for each 16 participants who are unique and comply with the rules.

Looking for the Most Delicious Cooker! (1).png

As an extra;

  • First Winner: 15 Steem + 5 Steem
  • Second Winner: 7.5 Steem + 5 Steem
  • Third Winner 5 Steem + 5 Steem

Looking for the Most Delicious Cooker!.png

What are the Contest Rules?

  • You can participate in this contest by sharing how all kinds of food you prepare at home using original and photographs you have taken, and its features.
  • weeklyfoodcontest tag; It should be one of the top 5 tags in your post.

  • There are not many rules, I approve publications from all languages.
  • Last day to participate in the competition: 23.09.2020

You can increase your chances of winning the contest by reading the Recipes I Prepare at Home.

More Detailed About Food Contest: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@alikoc07/40-steem-awards-weekly-food-contest-1

  • I would like to tag and thank @steemcurator02 for making the competition sound more and making my comments on the diary game appear at the top.
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Comments 80

That's great, thank you for running this contest.

Hope this vote will help fund future food and cooking contests soon.

The Steemit Team

Country Reps - perhaps you can help promote this contest to your communities please

@njiatanga @oppongk @beautychicks @focusnow @yohan2on
@belenguerra @fendit @anasuleidy @edlili24 @mariita52 @tocho2 @tarpan @toufiq777 @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946@sapwood
@anroja @ernaerningsih @radjasalman
@cryptokannon @rashid001 @besticofinder @randulakoralage
@knopka145 @alexmove @antorv @olesia @kiwiscanfly

Perhaps there might also be people who would like to get involved with a Food & Cooking community with @alikoc07

Thank you

17.09.2020 14:40

Thank you very much for this support, I have just organized a competition at the beginning level. You can be sure that in time I will organize much better competitions. I am very happy that our reward pool is expanding, we can reach a large number of participants with the help of Country Representatives. So I thank everyone who wants to help.


17.09.2020 14:46

Sure, I really liked the idea of this contest, so I'll be more than pleased to spread the word! :)

I'll include a link to it in our current contest!

17.09.2020 14:58

I am very glad that you helped the weekly cooking contest reach more users and liked the concept. Thank you. :)

17.09.2020 15:53

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

19.09.2020 12:25

okay 😉

17.09.2020 15:46

Just shared. Sorry I'm not getting notifications for mentions sometimes. 🤔

18.09.2020 04:27

Resteemed to others .. thanks for the mention.

19.09.2020 08:09

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

19.09.2020 12:24

I am resteem this post. I shared the post on my twitter and facebook account. I would encourage everyone to participate in this contest.

19.09.2020 09:11

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

19.09.2020 12:24

I'll update this into my compliation post.

17.09.2020 14:47

Many thanks, people from your country would be happy to see you in this contest. :)

17.09.2020 14:50

Que bueno ese tipo de concursos , ya que hay días que nos votamos haciendo nuestro plato diario.

17.09.2020 14:50

Muchas gracias, quiero ver la comida que prepararás en esta competencia. Creo que cocinas comida deliciosa y creativa :)

17.09.2020 14:52

Gracias por visitar mis post

17.09.2020 14:55

Greetings @ alikoc07 a pleasure to greet you and give you my congratulations for such a good initiative, I feel quite identified with this contest and I really thank you for giving us inclusion to kitchen lovers on the #steemit platform.
Also congratulate @ steemcurator02 for the unconditional support of the chefs union and this excellent initiative.

Saludos @alikoc07 un placer saludarlo y darle mis felicitaciones por tan buena iniciativa, me siento bastante identificado con este concurso y de verdad gracias por que nos das inclusion a los amantes de la cocina en la plataforma steemit.
tambien felicitar a @ steemcurator02 por el apoyo incondicional al gremio de cocineros y a esta excelente iniciativa.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the contest: @steemitblog team and @steemcurator01, who helped increase our prize budget triple in this contest >Muchas gracias a los patrocinadores del concurso: @steemitbloog team y @ steemurator001, que ayudaron a triplicar nuestro presupuesto de premios en este concurso.



17.09.2020 17:28

Muchas gracias, el primer concurso que he organizado con comida y cocina. Con el tiempo, los premios irán aumentando y puedes estar seguro de que organizaré más concursos divertidos. Al mismo tiempo, estoy seguro de que preparará una comida maravillosa y deliciosa para esta competencia. :) Gracias por tu apoyo.

17.09.2020 17:53

@alikolco7 ini adalah sebuah ide dan kontes yang bagus. Saya yakin kontes ini akan berkembang, karena ini adalah kegiatan standar semua orang dan bisa di ikuti semua kalangan. Saya akan mempromosikan contest ini.
Good luck 👍

Salam @nazarul

17.09.2020 17:38

Saya akan terus mengatur kompetisi memasak dan memasak yang dapat diikuti oleh semua orang dengan mudah dan membuatnya aktif. Terima kasih telah mempromosikan kontes. Saya menantikan partisipasi Anda dalam kompetisi dengan makanan yang Anda siapkan di rumah. :)

17.09.2020 17:50

Dengan senang hati saya akan berpartisipasi dan mengajak teman semua.



17.09.2020 18:09

Terima kasih banyak, saya menantikan makanan yang akan Anda dan teman-teman Anda siapkan. :) Saya yakin itu akan enak sekarang.

17.09.2020 18:13

Hola amigo, muchas gracias por su invitación. Está genial el concurso!
Ya que paso tiempo en la cocina haré una presentación especial,

Saludos y bendiciones!!

17.09.2020 17:41

Estoy seguro de que preparará una comida deliciosa y creativa. Espero su comida. :)

17.09.2020 17:45

Hai @alikoco07 ini adalah ide yang sangat brilian, kontes anda akan cepat meledak, semua orang bisa ikut berpartisipasi karena kosepnya yang mudah

17.09.2020 18:08

Kami semua menyiapkan makanan di rumah dan ada peserta dari banyak negara yang menggunakan platform Steemit. Setiap negara dan kota memiliki makanan uniknya sendiri. Mempromosikan makanan yang telah Anda siapkan itu sederhana dan menyenangkan. Saya sangat ingin Anda berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini. Saya yakin Anda akan menyiapkan makanan yang sukses dan lezat. :)

17.09.2020 18:11

Yeah, saya akan ikut berpartisipasi dalam kontes anda, sepertinya saya akan menemukan secercah kebahagiaan bersama anda 🌸

17.09.2020 18:17

Terima kasih banyak. :)

17.09.2020 18:19

The first entry in the weekly food contest was made by @sacra97.

As this post is the first publication and fully complies with the rules, I am sharing with you as an example. :)

17.09.2020 18:23

Nice contest @alikoc07, this the best way to keep the platform moving and also a source of encouragement to engagement. Surely i will participate.

17.09.2020 22:12

Thank you very much for participating in the contest. I want to see you again at the next cooking contest. :) Successes already.

17.09.2020 22:50

Thanks for creating such, truly i will participate. Engagement is the key.

18.09.2020 17:21

Kontes yang sangat menarik dan sangat menyenangkan untuk berpartisipasi. Nampaknya akan banyak yang berminat untuk mengikuti kontes yang anda selenggarakan. Sukses selalu buat anda.

18.09.2020 01:10

Terima kasih banyak, saya yakin Anda akan menyiapkan makanan yang lezat dan kreatif dalam kompetisi ini. Saya harap Anda berpartisipasi dalam kontes. :)

18.09.2020 07:44

Waw... That's the amazing contest dear.. I'm a foodie person 😊 .. when people of different countries will share their recipe,, I'll try it definitely.. it helps to figure it out the taste of different countries food.. thanks a lot @alikoc07 for this great contest.

18.09.2020 02:17

You can share in any community you want. Make sure that one of the top 5 tags in your post is #weeklyfoodcontest. :) It makes no difference to blog or community. :)

18.09.2020 07:53

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18.09.2020 03:51

Hi alikoc07,
I posted my new recipe few hours before i find out this food contest, anyway i just updated and added #weeklyfoodcontest tag. Hope will work.
Kind Regards ,

18.09.2020 07:25

I have just seen you prepare a delicious dessert. It's great to make a muffin with banana and potatoes. Your participation in the competition has been approved. I wish you success, next week I will organize a higher award and fun cooking contest. Waiting for your participation, I reviewed your blog, you try different recipes during the day like me. :)

18.09.2020 07:49

I make cooking videos, will they work?

18.09.2020 08:00

It would be great to participate in the competition with a cooking video. I'm looking forward to your cooking video. :)

18.09.2020 08:55

Great! I also have a cooking blog can I share those post into this contest while I am cooking?

18.09.2020 09:42

You can share your meal with the hashtag #weeklyfoodcontest. I recommend using this label for the most delicious and creative food you will prepare for this competition. Because it's a weekly competition, use this tag for just one meal you're preparing. :) As an extra; I will establish a food community that will both generate income and increase interaction for all the dishes you have recently prepared. :)

18.09.2020 09:48

Thank you for sharing 😊👍

18.09.2020 10:54

I look forward to the delicious meal you will prepare for the competition. :)

18.09.2020 11:11

Hola amigo @alikoc07 por aquí dejo el enlace de mi participación, EXCELENTE INICIATIVA... Me encanto cocinar para ustedes.


19.09.2020 00:24

Your participation in the weekly cooking competition has been successfully approved. I expect your participation in future cooking competitions. The prizes are bigger and I will organize more fun contests. Thank you. :)

19.09.2020 09:35

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... It's really an honor friend, I'll be here ... I loved doing this.

19.09.2020 14:58

Looks like a good contest .. @kalpa-sameera , @sathsara93 , @vishwara ,
@Inudi .. I have seen some cooking skills on your diary posts .. check this out

19.09.2020 08:08

sounds like, I will have to reveal my secret recipes 😅

19.09.2020 09:26

I think their secret recipes are wonderfully delicious. I am sure you will participate in the contest with a delicious and creative meal. I'm looking forward to the meal you will prepare. :)

19.09.2020 09:37

@alikoc07 no no I am just kidding.. 😅I barely make the food.
I am really not good ar cooking. 🙉
Anyway, let`s see. Thank you very much for your kind words.😍

19.09.2020 11:58

Thank you so much for helping the tags and the contest reach more participants. I want to see the delicious food you prepare too. :)

19.09.2020 09:38

Looks like a wonderful contest. I will try to participate in this one for sure :)

19.09.2020 09:01

I am sure you will prepare a wonderful and delicious meal for this cooking contest. I want to see your participation in this competition. :)

19.09.2020 09:36

I will also spread the word in my community as a Moderator :) Enjoy the contest and those tasty meals :)

19.09.2020 09:46

I am glad that a community moderator showed an interest in the contest I organized, and I look forward to you and your community participating in this contest. Thank you very much for helping the contest reach more participants. :)

19.09.2020 09:50

We are all here to help each other :)
Your contest already seems to have grown a lot. Wish you more success :)

onepercent #pakistan

19.09.2020 09:55

@alikoc07 My dear friend my name is not showing as a perticipent

19.09.2020 14:20

Your participation in the contest has been successfully approved, and at the same time, I can see your broadcast with the hashtag #weeklyfoodcontest You do not need to worry. :)


19.09.2020 14:57

Thank you my dear friend 😊♥️

19.09.2020 15:12

I can't use tag properly
What can I do now???
![Uploading image #1...]()

19.09.2020 14:47

Do not worry. Your participation in the competition has been successfully approved. :)

19.09.2020 14:53

Thank you ☺️

19.09.2020 14:58

Nice competition 💕
I will perticepate on it ♥️♥️

21.09.2020 04:27

That's my entry hopefully my all friends will love it 💕...

Thanks for the contest 😊

21.09.2020 06:53

Your participation in the competition has been successfully approved. Meanwhile, the SteemFoods-Community was established. You can be informed earlier about the award-winning competitions I organize every week + you can earn income from the publications you prepare with food and cooking. I would love to see you among us. :)

21.09.2020 16:17

I joined .

Thank you.

21.09.2020 16:48

Hi @alikoc07, here's my entry for "Weekly FOOD Contest". Wishing all a pleasant day and please take care, cheers, ainie



22.09.2020 13:38

@alikoc07 aquí me uno a su concurso, es bueno ver esto por aquí.


22.09.2020 21:23