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The Solution for Voting with SteemCurator01 and Steemit Users' Percentage of Involuntary Votes !

Hello Everyone:

Today, I would like to talk to you about the slowdown in steemit during the day, the late response after clicking on the posts, and the inability to set the percentage of voting power (only voting with 100% vote percentage) while giving vote support to the posts.

As an example, I wanted to share with you a video I took from my own computer screen about the freezes and troubles in steemit.

Especially the problem of being able to vote with only 100% vote percentage, which I mentioned above, creates a big problem for steemit users who use manual vote support and curation accounts with high SP.

I also saw that steemcurator01 encountered this problem via I also had these problems as below and found a short-term solution.


As an example, let's click on the post of our user @nedikey, if we give support from the upvote button at the bottom of the post, 100% vote support is given automatically in the current system, without asking our vote percentage


As a solution, after reviewing the post, it can give vote support from the outside of the post for now. When we press the upvote button on the outside without clicking inside the post, we can provide vote support by adjusting the vote percentage.




I tried it and I was able to curate the SteemFoods Community by doing the solution to the current problem this way. As a recommendation to @steemcurator01, I recommend you to do it this way as well.

First of all, examine the post from inside, but you can complete your curation with the technical accent by adjusting your vote percentage by using the upvote button outside without clicking inside the post while giving your vote support.


Here's the solution to the technical glitch for now, I hope this helps you for today. Thanks.

Best Regards...

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