Birds: who make a beautiful nature for us.


How birds fly?

Birds have features on their bodies. They have wings instead of arms. Most of them can fly with the help of these wings. Their other body parts are also made in such a way that it is easy for them to fly.


A birds body can contain more than 10,000 features. These are of three kinds:-

  1. Body feathers
  2. Flight feathers
  3. Down feathers


    Birds don't have teeth. They have Beaks which help them to eat. They use their claws to catch food and also to protect themselves. Some birds, such as the eagle, eat the flesh of animals. Others like the sparrow mainly eat seeds. Birds have claws and beaks which are sutaible for their eating habits.

    Feet and claws

    Birds have four toes on each foot. Besides catching and holding food, birds use their toes in a number of other ways. Their toes are built to suit their food and other habits.

    so I called that birds depends on own body stracture who makes only on God 🙏.

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