Betterlife-The Diary Game-23 March 2021

Hello everyone hope you all are fine and safe. Today i am going to write my one more diary game for 23th of March 2021.

Today i was raining throughout the day in my kashmir. I wake up early in the morning at 6 am. I went to bathroom where i take bath with a warm water and took brush on my teeths. I then done some religious activities which i am doing on dialy basis. I then open the manufacturing technology book and start reading as i already told in my last posts that i always read early in the morning. Today i read about some cutting tools.


After that i went to shop for buying milk and biscuits. I make tea and drink it with biscuits. I prepare myself and start travelling to my university after four days break. Due to bad weather i was not able to get any vechile for a long time due to this i missed first class. I read university at 11 am. I start giving class and gave two class till the lunch.


At lunch time i went to near hotel for eating eggs and drink sugar tea. Then my friend gave me chicken biryani. After lunch i gave three classes more till the evin evening. I read to my home late. I then strat watch cricket match between india and england. In between the match i make fishes which was brought by my brother.

After the match i eat fishes with rice. I then went to my bed room. I open my phone and see the market update on binance. Finally i start writing my diary post.




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